Should You Invest in an Extended Warranty for Your Smartphone?

Smartphones, as useful as they may be in terms of functionality, are quite fragile in structure. As you’re walking down the street, someone bumping into you is all it really takes for your trusty gadget to fall out of your hands and get shattered to pieces. Even if the device somehow remains operational and having the screen broken is the only tangible consequence, it could easily cost you a couple of hundred dollars to get it fixed. So should you invest in an extended warranty or not?

Extended Warranty for Your Smartphone

A quick look at the numbers

Let’s examine the repair costs a bit more. If the power button goes dead on you, it could take a hundred bucks to replace it. If the smartphone can’t be fixed, getting a new one could easily set you back one thousand dollars if you want the high-end models. Even in the opposite scenario, bear in mind that the newer the device, the costlier the repairs are going to be.

Your smartphone can get damaged in ways you’ve never even thought of

Smartphones need to be charged on a regular basis. As such, it’s easy to forget about it and leave it plugged in. A couple of hours are not problematic, but if you leave it in for a prolonged period of time, its lifespan could take a serious hit.

Contrary to popular belief, sometimes the case won’t protect your smartphone from getting damaged if it falls to the floor. Even if there are no issues to be spotted immediately, perhaps an internal part has taken a beating in the process.

Obviously, dropping your smartphone in water is not a good idea. But did you know that damage could ensure even from touching it with wet hands? When you’re using it to quickly check the news during your morning shower, this can happen quicker than you can imagine.

Finally, when you’re comfortably sitting on your couch at home, it’s easy to forget that your smartphone is, in fact, quite fragile. A mere moment of carelessness could easily lead to you bumping it and sending it flying straight to the floor.

Choose a plan that suits your needs

Typically, smartphones come with a 1-year factory warranty. But if you fear that you’re going to damage it, you should take a minute to learn about this plan and get familiar with how you can extend the warranty and what it covers. But all in all, be well advised you shouldn’t just opt for the first plan you come across, as there are plenty of options to choose from – so choose something that suits your needs. After all, the extended warranty costs some money, and only you can be the judge of whether the additional monthly expenses are worth taking on.


An extended warranty for your smartphone is a great option for those who need it. Those who are living an active lifestyle, for example, should strongly consider it. This includes runners, swimmers, and anyone who lives in a big city – if you take a look at how your smartphone can get damaged, you’ll quickly see why. Still, the final call is yours to make, so make sure to do all the needed risk assessments and cost calculations first.

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