Email Tracking Has Never Been Easier: Snovio Email Tracker Extension Review

Have you ever felt frustrated waiting for email replies for days? Have ever wondered whether the recipient on the other end opened the email? Well, you don’t have to rack your brain anymore.

Snovio Gmail Tracker is here to help you. You hear it for the first time, don’t you? Does it offer the best-in-class service? Or is it just another tool to pass by? You will find it out as I dive into the details of this tool in this review.

Snovio Email Tracker Extension Review

First, let us have a look at the main features of the extension. Once you get through them, I will walk you through the entire process of setting it up.

Schedule Emails

Snovio Schedule Emails

Not always you want to send emails at once. Sometimes, you might need to delay email deliveries a bit, so as to schedule a specific time. Unfortunately, you may not be able to sit before the screen at that time.

Here comes email scheduling from Snovio. It will allow you to set custom time to send the email.

Easy Email Status

Snovio Easy Email Status

You can identify the status of the emails sent with just a glimpse at the Sent folder. Want to know how?

Snovio Email Tracker shows custom icons beside each email. If the message is unopened but delivered, you can see a white mark with the word “Unopened”. In case it’s the other way round (I mean, opened), you will see a purple icon with the number of opens.

A green label indicates the email was opened and the recipient clicked the link inside.

A not tracked label (liliaceous with “Not tracked” words) symbolizes you haven’t set tracking for the message or the message was sent before the Email Tracker was activated.

Reminder to notify you

Snovio Reminder to notify you

Imagine you are sending an important email. Maybe, in the stream of daily chores, you may forget about it. The recipient possibly forgets to reply. You can’t do anything in such a situation. Snovio makes your life easier by helping you set a reminder. It will notify you if the mail stays unopened, the recipient doesn’t click the link or send the reply within the set period of time.

One-Click Deactivation

What if you don’t want all the emails you send to be tracked? It is true that once you enable Snovio, not a single email goes untracked unless you do otherwise. The developers have made it a walk in the park to disable the tracking. You can deactivate the feature for individual emails by clicking the bell icon under the email composing screen.

If you want to stop the tracking for all the sent emails from this particular account, you can do so by selecting the tick button in the browser toolbar and deactivating the tracker for definite email addresses.

How to enable email tracking with the help of Snovio

Let’s get into the action now. I have explained the process step by step below.

Step 1.

Install the Email Tracker extension

Snovio Email Tracker extension

Step 2.

Once the page loads up fully, you can see the Add to Chrome button. Don’t hesitate to press it. The installation process isn’t dreary and will be finished in the blink of an eye.

Step 3.

When the process is over, you are automatically redirected to the Gmail account and a popup window appears. Click the Activate button if you want the tracker to integrate with the default email account.

You can spot a check or tick button on the toolbar of the browser once the process finishes. If you are logged into the Gmail account, you will see a tab getting automatically opened. In case it doesn’t happen, you have to manually log into the Gmail account.

Step 4.

Now, click the check button to enable tracking for the account and decide the occasions you need notifications for. You can also track link clicking.

Snovio enable tracking for the account

There you go! Isn’t it a smooth procedure?

Aesthetic Tip: When you install the extension for the first time, you will see it for all the emails and it may be tedious.

Free to Use

You won’t have to shell even a single penny to start using Snovio. This feature of Snovio is completely free. Additionally, the emails you send won’t be littered with Snovio logos or signatures. They use another way of tracking emails and links embedded: they attach an invisible pixel, so the recipients will never have any information that you track the messages.

Final Verdict

What do you think now? As a reviewer, I can’t help but recommend the extension to you all. Nonetheless, you should experience the service by yourself. Nothing comes close to personal experience. I am sure you will find it with extreme utilitarian value. What are you waiting for? Just go get the extension.

You must know they are not pioneers in this email marketing arena but the team has added the best tools and features into the platform.

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