What Features Make Softros LAN Messaging App for PC Beneficial?

Are you looking for some PC connecting app so that you can get connected with your friend to check his computer? Or want to provide access to your computer so that he can resolve the problem in your system? Then why not to download the Softros LAN app for PC. The LAN messengers are quite useful that help the user to communicate with employees, fellows, and students conveniently. It is an excellent source that can help you in following the way:

Active Directory

Active Directory is a directory service. It authorizes the users and computers in a Windows domain type network. This work in the way when you enter the password it checks that either the user is the administrator or the normal user. It manages the information, and provide the authentication mechanism.

Fast File Transfer Facility

Once you get connected with another person’s computer you can easily access to the folder and click on the particular file. Click on it and you will immediately able to transfer the required files.

Easy to Use Interface

It has simple and easy to use interface. Once you download, you will able to get to know how about different tools. Choose the required tools from the menu and use to perform different actions on a LAN messenger.

Desktop Sharing Feature

One of the incredible features is desktop sharing. You can get access to desktop easily and without any hindrance, you can bring changes or resolve the issue.


One of the best parts of using the LAN messaging app is that it is completely secure and encrypted. When you do file transfer or get access to the desktop, all viral and spam content is get filtered so that there is no fear of transfer of some threatening agents from one PC to other PC.

Remote assistance.

The LAN messaging system provides quick access with remote assistance feature. Control the remote windows computer without touching unit. You can get or give assistance depending on your requirement. This has become the best way to communicate when there is a present regional office and you can provide help to resolve software problem.

Contact and Content Management

Through this app, you can manage both contact and content management in a few minutes. You can immediately this feature to notify on the creation of the new event, any change in the project and much more in order to assist your employees. By drag and drop feature you can easily manage the contact groups and start the chat to stay connected with multiple contacts at one time.


The internet chat service that requires no internet provides the facility of broadcasting. You can communicate with another person via audio or video platform. This means this is the best source that allows you to have a meeting with your colleagues and discuss the project through broadcasting feature.

Instant communication

It provides instant communication and you can develop the connection within seconds. Therefore, if you are facing trouble in your program and don’t know how to cope up with the situation. Just download such app and connect with your fellow. He can easily get access to your system and find the problem and resolve it. Even you can receive or send messages if you lost an internet connection.

Downloading Procedure

In order to utilize the incredible feature of this type of messenger than download the trial version and after that take subscription so that you have access to premium features of this app. Once you download you have to get connected with another computer by sending the request to another person send you to request to make a connection with your computer.

LAN messengers are getting importance day by day due to the functionality, availability of quick file transfer, remote access, and assistance along with broadcasting. People find it a more convenient way to communicate and quickly resolve computer issues.

No matter where you are present and what problem your computer is facing. Just download the app in your PC and immediately make a connection with whom you consider can be beneficial. Get connected and solve your computer problem in order to complete your work task on time.

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