Tips for Building a Lucrative Interior Design Website

Interior designing is a combination of both art and science for giving the clients an aesthetic pleasure together with comfort and safety. There are many local studios that can incite the customers with such a feeling, but today in the era of digitization, having a website has become something mandatory for the designers. The website serves as the online office wherein the customers can get an idea as to how the particular design studio works, what are its principles etc. 

In order to provide quality content for the website, there are certain basic requirements that need to be followed. This article puts light on such basic requirements that the professionals look for. Have a look below to know them in details.

Chart a proper plan

As a designer, you are well accustomed to creating inspiration boards and floor plans for your clients. Now, when you have decided to build your own designing website, then you need to do the same for your website. Get all your materials and information ready that you want to share with your current and prospective clients. Identifying your audience and then tailoring the content for your website needs a lot of patience and determination. Include the portfolio, the “about me” page, press releases, and a services page with utmost care so that the clients can have access to all the crucial information that you want them to know. 

Organizing the Portfolio of your website in the correct style renders fine examples of your creativity and hard work to which your clients can align their taste and preferences. Keep the slideshows (if any) short and simple. The content of the portfolio should also contain interesting content so as to show your clients you can offer them work just as they like and you are also fun to work with.

Interior designing is a client- based profession, and therefore, it is very important that you portray your bio very professionally. You should sell your work in such a way that the clients feel that you are the one with whom they can work with fun. Make sure you have a photo of yourself along with your bio.

Remember that some clients would not look for a full makeover of their homes; rather they sometimes only need consultation as to how to upgrade their interiors. Therefore, specify what services you provide, ranging from consultation to space planning to full interior designing. 

Specify some testimonials which are proof that you are one of those talented interior designers that most clients look for. Share the portion of any blogs or magazines in which you have some of your work coverage if you do not have any coverage get some reviews from your past clients, which will work as your testimonials. 

Decorate your website

Decorating your Interior design company Bangalore is the most interesting part of building your website. All your accumulated designer insights to date should be used extensively in the development of your website. Focus on developing the framework of your website, but make sure not to over-do it. For example, use a solid color for the background so that the clients visiting your website can concentrate in your interior designs rather than get distracted with the vibrant colors and images in the background. 

Create the content for your website with the “sans-serif” font that can ensure more readability of the content. Do not overdo the content with much of the decorative fonts as they become hard to comprehend. Use high-quality images of your work in the Portfolio so as to incite the clients to visit your website. 

The structure is a crucial part of the website. Keeping minimal navigation and using drop-down menus for your services makes the content an interesting one. A well- structured website should have navigations like Home, about me, services, testimonials, and contacts. 

Track popular contents

Keep track of the contents of your website and make a timely review of the pages. Google analytics can help you in keeping track of the parts of your website doing the best. Keep tabs on the pages of your website that receive the maximum views of the clients. You can get a detailed report on which of your website designs is attracting the maximum views. Based on these results, you can re-organize your portfolio so that all your pages get the maximum views of the clients.

Get Discovered

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a very important topic when it comes to making your website visible at the top of the search results. There are certain things that can quick-fix the SEO results right away. For example, using ALT tags or alternative texts can help with better SEO results. These are the descriptions that you write for the images that are displayed on your website. Therefore, whenever you add images on your website, save the actual raw files along with the focus keywords. Once you upload the images on your website, add the focus keywords to the ALT text on the images.

Sharing your web content on other websites is also another way to give a boost to your SEO results. Spread your website’s content to other sites. Social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and various blogs can get your website the maximum SEO results. There will be myriad of followers once you share your content in social media platforms as there are many clients looking up for home decorating services. Maybe your prospective clients may be following you at the social platforms like these. 

These are some of the guiding steps that can help you to build up your own website. Success would follow your path both on the web and also off the web. These are some of the tips that the designers themselves share on various platforms. Thus, the interior design site must be user-friendly, inspiring, and inviting so that the clients can directly connect to what they are actually looking for. Following the above-mentioned steps is extremely crucial if you want your website to do lucrative business. 

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