Top 10 Life Hacks for Job Seekers

Have you been trying to land your dream job without success? Then there are things you aren’t doing. Or your competitors, which involve other job seekers, know or are using certain tricks you are neglecting.

Top 10 Life Hacks for Job Seekers

The thing is you can land your dream job with ease, irrespective of your field. But you need to start doing things differently to outshine your competitors. So, what are those things that can make you an exceptional candidate that employers are looking forward to interviewing? Well, here are top life hacks you should know and do as a job seeker.

  1. Manage your online reputation well

Social media, no doubt, is a world of its own. And most employers visit social media to conduct background checks on candidates before hiring. So, while you are interacting and being friendly, be careful of what you say or do on social media.

You can also figure out things other individuals are saying about you on social media to know if there is a negative remark that can dent your reputation. Tools like Social Mention can help you with that.

  1. Make friends via LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn is a popular networking platform that no job seeker should take for granted. And, if you already know someone currently working at your dream firm or field, then contact and befriend the person right away.

Also, if you cannot reach the person via email, go through the profile to know the groups he or she belongs. Then, join any group and send a direct message to the person. And, according to thesis help experts, it’s critical to build a healthy relationship first before discussing anything relating to the job.

  1. Work on your LinkedIn profile

There is no doubt that LinkedIn is vital when job hunting. You can even land your dream job through the platform in no time. So here is the deal; make sure you update your LinkedIn profile and make it look professional. And if possible, update it daily to remain relevant on the platform.

You can post an article or quote daily. You can even discuss your field and provide mind-blowing information that shows you know your onions.

  1. Rate your resume

If only it were possible to know the mind of an employer, most job seekers wouldn’t be struggling to land a job. After submitting tons of resumes with no reply from employers, it’s common for job seekers to lose hope. But instead of giving up, why not work on that resume? Resunate, a web-based platform can help you figure out what your resume score is on the applicant tracking system. There are plenty of resources out there that people can use to help get their resume up to scratch, like this service, who will assist you with writing one so you’ll be sure to get a response on your next job application!

  1. Request for reviews

If you have not been successful with your job search after much effort, then something is wrong. So, change your strategies. You can ask friends, mainly those already working, to review your resume or offer ideas that can help you land your dream job.

  1. Think and act smart

If you have employees working in a dream company or industry leaders who have achieved massive success in their respective fields, then befriend and follow them closely on social media. Your mission is to look at how they achieved greatness and make an effort to be like them.

  1. Improve your focus

Social media is vital to every job seeker, but can also be distracting. So, the best way to stay focused on your job search mission is to have a separate time for pleasure and business. In other words, there should be time for job hunting and interacting with friends on social media. Also, ensure there are no clusters on your desk or distraction while working.

  1. Get your resume online

You can make applying for jobs a one-step process when you have your resume online. So, visit any reputable job site, create an account and upload a well-drafted resume right away. From there, you can apply for any job you find suitable with just one click. Interesting, right?

  1. Create a Twitter job search list

Twitter is one of the less used platforms when it comes to job hunting. But do you know hundreds of vacancies are made available on the platform daily? Yes, they are. So, create a Twitter job search list right away! Add hiring managers, job search websites, company hiring handles, and recruiters. After that, you can check their tweets daily for opportunities.

  1. Use your network

Let your friends know you are looking for a job, and be specific about your request. But if you are looking for just anything, let them know you are open to any offer. Join groups where you can find your former school mates, colleagues, and neighbors. According to a college-paper expert, they might help you secure a job quicker.


These are life hack for job seekers. If you are seeking employment, they can help you achieve your mission. The thing is job search is a hard job in itself. But then, you can apply tricks to make yours easier. Try to follow the tips in this post and also request suggestions from other successful applicants you know. In all, if you are diligent in your job search, you might have a breakthrough in no time.