Top 3 Best Android Apps for Photo Editing

There are numerous apps in Android market for photo editing and it is easy to get confused which app is best for photo editing and which we should use. So today in my this article I’ll be sharing Best Photo Editing Apps for Android. I’d hope you’ll like it.


Photo editing is always essential and now-a-days today’s generation takes lots of selfies, pictures in every occasion and put it on social media websites like Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram etc.

Top 3 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android 2015

#1 PicsArt


Picsart is one of the best Photo editing app and it comes 1st in my top photo editing apps. Also PicsArt is very user friendly and it is very consumer oriented app. It has lots of features like croping the image, getting Frames and re-shading the whole picture. It has gradient effect and you can also make a collage for Facebook cover pic too! In fact you can also use this in your computer. Check this article PicsArt for PC in order to use this app in your PC.

#2 Photo Grid


Yes! The name it self suggest it a Photo editing app and best for making collage. I’ve been using Photo Grid since very long now and let me tell you that it is the best for making personal branded photo’s and making a collage with your friends. You can also add your own text in any image and also add funny and cool stickers in any picture. Photo Grid is also one of the best Photo Editing App which comes 2nd in my best photo editing apps list.

3# Pixlr Express


Last but not the least – Pixlr Express comes 3rd in my list and it has also very nice and attractive features for photo editing! You can do color balance in your pic, add focus, make blur images, add stickers, add saturation, you can even whiten your teeth 😛 , and also you can draw and add text in any Image. Pixlr Express is also very nice app and really easy to use.

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