Top 3 Construction Project Document Management Software

In every commercial construction project, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of paper works in RFI’s, transmittals, construction drawings, emails etc. that are exchanged between parties for the entire lifespan of the construction process. Documents need to be stored and organized so that they can be accessed easily, and inefficient storage can take a toll on your company’s productivity and bottom line.

Top 3 Construction Project Document Management Software

According to statistics by, 21% of productivity is lost due to document problems. Poor document organizations can take an average of 18 minutes to locate, and in the long run, can cause a loss of productivity. An average employee takes about 15% of their time reading a document, and spend 50% of that time looking for a document.

Another challenge being faced in document management is document revisions. 83% of the time is lost by workers in tracking these versions and making sure that everyone involved receives the latest document version. This is important because almost 92% of workers collaborate via email.

So, how do you keep documents, especially construction drawings organized so that you can find, access, and make changes if you have to easily? The answer lies in a construction drawing management software.

Construction DMS ( Document Management System) is a tool that provides a safe and centralized document management system that offers a real-time collaboration of team members. The DMS system generates reports, and revisions are a breeze.

Here are the top three DMS systems that AEC  ( Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) professionals swear by:


Procore is a web-based construction management software that provides a unified process for drawing management. The team can easily and quickly view drawings and revisions from its inception to its completion.

Procore’s DMS system allows any collaborator with a drawing issuance permission to upload drawings.  This means that people who have no admin privileges can have quicker access to design changes especially those who are out in the field.

Procore’s patent-pending OCR ( Optical Character Recognition Technology ) automatically names, numbers and records drawings as well as scan sets for detail callouts and links to them automatically. In addition to this Procore also splits drawings sets into individual sheets automatically upon upload – saving hours of work, and boosting productivity.

  • ACONEX By Oracle

Aconex DMS system by oracle provides your construction team quick access to current documents, BIM models, contracts reports, schedules and more.

You can store many documents, drawing, and models – that means, any number of files, any size, any type.  You can rest easy that your data is stored securely and is only shareable to team members with permission.

The Aconex DMS system allows team members to access drawings in real time with its powerful metadata based tools with google like keywords.  Team members can view drawings and BIM /3D models directly into the browser with no need of any software with the ability for real-time markup, overlay, and comments.

Aconex DMS system makes sure that everyone involved in the project can access the current version of all project information. Aconex boasts of an audit trail where once information has been shared, it cannot be lost or deleted. No more he said, she said moments.


SKYSITE is a cloud-based drawing management system and distribution system made by ARC developed especially for the AEC professionals. Think of SKYSITE as the google drive ( or Dropbox etc) made for the construction industry. It has the ability to view and markup drawings and save them into project folders, and share the drawings to the project team members. SKYSITE is like other construction project management software in terms of value, but SKYSITE  is entirely focused on the ” document management” side of the construction management.

SKYSITE is essentially a storage for all the drawings and other documents needed by those involved in the construction project. With SKYSITE, you can specify the level of permission, an expiration date, and a password to team members. Team members with the same access level are automatically updated if any changes are made to an existing document. This means any markups to the drawings can be shared in real time to everyone who is working on the same drawing set.

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