Top 7 Effective Ways to Increase Your Android App Ratings

Leveraging your app rating is not just about how good or bad your app is. What matters more is what users think about it, thereby influencing the visitors who choose to decide whether they want to download your app or not. This, furthermore, affects the conversion rate of your app as well affecting the data in the overall organic download. 

Why user rating is so important?

More than 90% of the users who take a decision in downloading the app or not, first look at the ratings on the app. It is not even an easy task for the user to choose from the millions of app that are there in Play Store, luring them to make downloads. If an app is rated more than 4.1 stars then you can be assured it is a good one. Low ratings on a certain app can affect the visibility of the app on the search ranking, thereby sinking the number of downloads and revenue generation. 

Here are the top 7 effective ways to increase your android app rating

1. Your product has to be good – there’s no escape to this

The most important thing to garnering more user generation is by building a great product. It is fundamental to the value proposition of the product or service you are launching. You have to convince the user in a way that they realise what is it that you are actually wanting to offer them. The app has to function properly and has to be updated often so that the user experience can improve over time. 

2. Improve the user experience

User rating and reviews are directly proportional to the overall improvement of your app. For instance, say, if you have a bug on your app and you don’t want the users to be affected by it then you have to ensure that it is fixed at the very earliest or else you will end up receiving negative reviews on the app. However, to ensure your users about the improvement of the app you have to be fast at replying to even the negative reviews and engage with the users to show them that you understand their concern. This way your app will be known to have responsive customer support as well! 

3. Relate to your engaging users

Not all users will have the same kind of experience when they use your app. But at the end of the day you do not want unhappy users who might leave you bad rating. So always make sure to identify who are your most engaged users and ask for feedback from them. Ask them of their opinion on your app and you are most likely to get a good rating from them. 

4. Show your users what benefits they will get from ratings

Free incentives are a joy! Your users will feel they are a part of something big when you will showcase their rating and how important you feel to get ratings from them. You can also buy app reviews for your android app through services like if you want to scale your reviews and ratings quickly. Their ratings will help you in generating more content, drive away negative reviews, bring in newer functionalities and overall affect the product in a positive way. 

5. Game around rating

Did you know that games get more than 60% of overall ratings. Ask why? Games are engaging and they push users to strive for something. If you engage your users with their feedback in such a way that you provide for some kind of game when they leave you with a feedback such as in-app currency, discount or other unique content, you will see more and more engaging users. However, ensure that you know the rules of the contests and rewards on Google Play before you set it up. 

6. A/B testing

You might be very clear with your prompt but there will always be a high probability that your user might not understand it. So look for ways to see if your prompts really work with the users and the best way to do it is by A/B testing it. Create a kind of hypothesis and begin by testing various options for the rating prompt. This could lead to an effective improvement on the average rating score. 

7. Make good use of social media

If you feel you have by now created a dedicated community around your product, use this strength to generate more installs and also generating more positive app rating. Get your engaging and active users to rate your app through their social media platforms or even through email newsletter to further leverage audience reach.  

User ratings is the most important element to a good app on Play Store. By planning a good marketing strategy and optimizing influential ranking algorithm you can top on the search ranking. The kind of app ratings you get will have a direct impact on the overall visits on your app product page, and this could either trigger more audience to try your app or discourage them to download it. These are some of the reasons why you need to be extra careful about user ratings. Ensure that you build a great product with the right kind of user engagement and keep the product page away from negative reviews in such a way that when a new user searches for your app they simply can’t help but download it! 

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