Our Top 7 Picks from the 2017 CES

The annual Consumer Electronics Show covers a wide array of technological achievements, potentially making it the most noteworthy gathering in the world. This being said, tracking everything that occurred at CES this year is next to impossible – with tons of innovative gadgets and promising new startups, we had to narrow down the choice. Here are the seven coolest gadgets that we’ve seen at CES 2017 in no particular order.

LightStim LED bed


If you’re unfamiliar with LightStim, it’s a company that produces and distributes a range of therapeutic products. Well, it seems that the people at LightStim have outdone themselves this time – at this year’s CES, their booth featured a bed outfitted with 18,240 LEDs! Additionally, it is the first (and the only so far) LED bed to gain clearance from the Food and Drug Administration. Its individual temperature-controlled modules help boost the release of nitric oxide and ATP, thereby increasing stamina and performance of the user. Although you’ll feel flushed and thirsty upon emerging from this warm bed, it’s all totally worth it – more than 200 medical and university studies have pointed out that LED therapy protects against UV damage, heart disease and strokes.

Ono 3D printer

Ono 3D printer

With the current rise in popularity with regards to this technology, we didn’t even entertain the possibility that 3D printers won’t be under the spotlight at this year’s CES. However, we’d like to single out the Ono 3D, which is by far the most compact and lightweight out of its entire competition. Most importantly, however, this 3D printer is compatible with any smartphone. The entire app is purely intuitive: fire it up, pick a 3D model and fill the Ono’s reservoir with resin – two hours later, your 3D model is done. That’s it!

Intel’s Compute Card

intel compute card

Imagine this: a computer that’s the size of a credit card! Pretty incredible, huh? Okay, but what’s the point? Well, rather interestingly, no matter how advanced this technology is, it basically revolves around the idea of game console cartridges – it makes upgrading gadgets such as smart refrigerators, connected security cameras and interactive retail kiosks easy. Simply insert a credit card-sized computer that contains almost every essential part of a standard-sized unit and you won’t have to buy an entirely new system in order to upgrade it.

Wallpaper TV

Wallpaper TVThe W Series LG Signature OLED TV is a 77-inch, 2.59mm thin television set that is attached to the wall by means of magnets. Packing 4K, this piece of wonder doesn’t make any compromises in terms of picture quality. Active HDR (high dynamic range) makes for a wonderful contrast between images. The only downside to the “wallpaper TV” is that it’s even too thin for a stand.

Dell 2-in-1 Laptops

Convertible laptops are in, but the Latitude 7285 and the new XPS 13 from Dell are by far the most notable that we’ve seen at CES 2017. The former includes a sharp screen, stylus and a sturdy keyboard, while the latter is equipped with a flexible rotating hinge for use in various positions.



Okay, so the real-life hoverboards might not be as cool as the one Marty glides on in “Back to the Future”, but these electric self-balancing pieces of technology make for pretty neat Christmas presents. For example, the purple hoverboard from Sky Walker weighs 12 kilos and can offer a battery life of up to 20km on a single charge. With a maximum load of 110kg, it is perfect for the vast majority of ages and sizes and it only takes 2-3 hours to charge.

Toyota Concept-i

Toyota Concept-i

The futuristic car technology heavily revolves around teaching vehicles to drive for us, and this is a concept that Toyota reinforces, but also an idea that the Toyota Concept-i doesn’t revolve around. While the vehicle in question will be capable of autonomous driving, its main focus is the artificial intelligence “under the bonnet” – Toyota claims that the car will learn about the driver’s preferences and needs as they drive it.

These seven gadgets are among the coolest things that we’ve seen at this year’s CES. Of course, every iteration of this annual tech fest comes with amazing products, some of which will never see the light of day. Regardless of this, we’d love to see every single one of these seven neat projects in the near future!