Transfer Any Type of Files to other Devices with Rocket Speed FREE

Are you confused about sending files of different types to different devices? Got irritated with those crappy apps which claimed to be working? Ok! If you somehow managed to transfer your files but isn’t it slow?

SHAREit app features transfer any type of file to any type of device

If your answer to above questions is “Yes”, then this post will help you a lot.

Today I’m going to share an Extremely Useful App known as SHARE it.This App allows you to transfer files from one device to another device very fast. It is 60 times faster than the Bluetooth. It can transfer huge files with in a short time.

If you want to transfer your files from your phone to Computer or from your Computer to Phone, you have to root your device or have to do some technical things. And I’m sure by doing that things you will end up with a confusion.

And the solution to this problem is SHARE it app. It can transfer huge files (of any type) from your Device to Computer without the need of data cable or an active Wi-Fi Connection. 

Its very simple and user friendly. You just have to tap the send button and the other person has to tap the receive button. And its opposite should be applied to receive the file. That’s it the file will be transferred within seconds.

The best part of this app it does not cost you even a single penny. Its totally free of use. Also it does not uses your cellular data or any active Wi-Fi connection.

It Supports Group Sharing which allows you to share a file with maximum of five members simultaneously.

 This app is available to download on Android, Apple and Windows PC or laptop.

download for Androiddownload for iOSdownload for Windows

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Most Helpful Uses of SHARE it App :

1.Fastest Data transfer method ever. Allows to transfer large files in seconds 🙂
2.We can Send applications and All types of files like pictures, videos, music files, documents ,etc. too 😀
3. No cost , its totally FREE.
4.Doesn’t need any extra settings or modifications to be done on devices (just tap and send/receive).
5.Even this Share it app can it selfed be shared 😛
Final Verdict :
I’ve been personally using this app from a long time and found no issues in it.Its very Simple,Fast and Free.So why are you waiting?
Go Download and enjoy high speed data transfer to any device 😀 .If you have already used this app share your experiences below in the comments.You can also comment if you are facing any problem.we are here to help you 🙂


  1. Hi Ghani,

    Thanks for introducing with Rocket Speed, This is really nice and helps to transfer data fast from PC to mobile like devices. I’m already download this on my PC and hope this will work better.

  2. Very nice way to transfer data computer to mobile device. Now I am downloading the file and going to take new experience. Thanks Ghani for sharing the post.