The Help You Need: What is Remote Tech Support & Why You Should Be Thinking About It?

If you run a business, you’ve probably got more important things to think about than updating or maintaining your tech, and especially your IT. While this sort of thing can come easily to some managers – especially those in the tech industry, it isn’t straightforward to everyone. That means you need your own IT support. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the benefits of remote tech support and why it might be right for your business.

Remote Tech Support

What is remote tech support?

Basically, when you’re looking at tech (and specifically IT) support, you’ve got three options.

Firstly, you could keep everything in-house and have your own tech team. This might be worth it for huge companies, but it’s often a cost that’s not worth paying even for medium-sized businesses. Hiring and looking after your own team can be expensive, and there’ll probably be plenty of times when these tech guys simply have nothing to do – it’ll be a waste of both resources and money.

Secondly, you could get a local IT support company who specializes in on-site visits. This can actually work really well and should be a much better option than a full-time, in-house team unless you have a ton of tech that needs looking after. But this option can still be expensive, and also time-consuming. What happens if you need support right away but the team is stuck in traffic?

The third option, and the one we’re going to look at in more detail in this article – is remote tech support. With remote tech support, you get all your computing and IT issues looked after over the internet. That means the team of experts might not even be located in the same country, but they can still fix many issues remotely at the click of a few buttons. We’re going to look a bit further into why this might be the right choice for your business…

What are the benefits of remote tech support?

Remote tech support can help if IT isn’t your priority

As we’ve already looked at – many businesses don’t have IT as a priority. If you’re one of them, then you probably don’t want to be looking after your own tech. The reason why many people choose to outsource their IT and tech support is so that they can concentrate on more important aspects of their business – like marketing, looking after clients, and fulfilling orders.

Remote support can save you money

This is probably the biggest reason people choose to go for remote tech support. If most of your issues don’t actually need someone to physically visit your office, then why spend more on on-site tech support? Because you only use the support for a few hours a week, you won’t have to pay them anywhere near as much. They make their money by covering lots of different businesses like yours.

Another reason why it’s cheaper is that your remote tech support could even be located somewhere with much lower overheads and costs than where you’re based. You could get IT support from India at a fraction of the cost of a local firm. You can still get the right level of expertise and care from people who really know what they’re doing, but without paying what it’d cost to hire someone in your own country.

You can get around-the-clock coverage

Keeping things in-house or hiring a local IT firm will normally only keep you covered during office hours. What if you’re working through the night on an important project? You can get 24-hour support from the right remote firm.

You can stay up to date with tech improvements

Tech support will take care of upgrading your software and systems so you don’t have to worry about it. Often, this can be done at times when it’ll cause the less impact on your working day. Instead of losing a couple of days updating software, let your remote tech support do it overnight when nobody is in the office.

You can keep secure from new threats

Keeping up to date with the newest viruses and threats can be a full-time job, but it’s something you need to take seriously. Thankfully, a remote tech team should have it as their priority, so they’ll be able to make sure you’re always protected.

Remote support can be more efficient

If you only need to phone someone or send them a quick message to get your issue fixed at the click of a few buttons, it’s obviously going to be quicker and more efficient than waiting for a support engineer to get to you. There are loads of places you can look online if you want to find out more about the efficiency savings remote tech support can bring.

It can be great if you’re located somewhere hard to reach

Another reason remote tech support could be for you is if you’re situated somewhere that’s hard to get or doesn’t have much in the way of local tech support. Then you can get it all remotely at the click of a few buttons.

How to find the best remote tech support

Make sure they’ll still be able to make site visits

While we’ve looked at a number of benefits for getting remote support, there might be occasions when you need someone on-site – especially hardware issues. Look for remote support that has the option of sending someone out when you really need it.

Look for the best remote tech options online

There are loads of sites to review and compare the best remote support options for your business, so do a bit of research online.

Check if there are any options with specific experience in your industry

Some IT support firms might have experience looking after your types of businesses, especially if you use specific software for your job. Whether you’re an accountancy firm or a graphic design company, you might have specific requirements for your remote support. Make sure you’ve got them covered.

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