Why Apple’s iPads are always a step forward than an Android tablet.

It’s not easy to decide the winner when we compare the iPads with other Android tablets. There are some factors considering those makes most of the android tablet look behind in the race of overall functionality. Apple offers reliable security features with less bugs that justifies the high cost of iPads. Below we are discussing some of the best features that makes iPads stand alone in the crowded tablet market.

Apple’s Eco System

Apple’s iPad is not just about connecting a physical keyboard to the devices if someone already has an apple device then the file sharing is as easy as copying files in the same PC with the help of the Airdrop feature.

Software like iTunes and iCloud are being consistently developed by Apple resulting in seamlessly sharing across multiple apple devices. 

Apple’s family sharing option is a great feature that can’t be seen on the Android platform. Using this feature one can share their purchased apps, books, and media with other family members having apple devices including permitting other members what things they can access.

The default messaging app on Apple devices is called “iMessage”. iMessage works completely different when messages are sent between two Apple devices. The features include Seen notification, tapback, and end to end encryption. The whole iMessage system works similar to popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and we chat etc.

Ease of use 

iPads have the simplest and straight forward user interface as compared to other operating systems like Android and windows. The apps are placed directly on the screen, just unlock the screen and start using the app you want, the single physical button press closes the app. iPads comes loaded with a bunch of pre-loaded software from apple but the good thing is that you can easily uninstall most of these software with ease. 

The widely placed icon and large text makes it convenient for users to use the device. Despite having fewer customization options iPads are loaded with a bunch of handy features under the hood.

Timely Software Updates

Software updates of iPads are more frequent than android and windows phones. The remarkable thing is the consistency and stability of their software updates. Unlike android tablet iPads have a limited number of models that make it easier to roll out stable and frequent updates. 

The software updates of iPads are made all over the world along with other similar models having the same features but for android, the OTA updated are rolled out by the Original Equipment manufacturer and it is often hard to tell when a particular android device is going to get software updated.

iOS is usually buttery smooth

Due to a limited number of devices, it is easy for Apple to optimize its operating system according to a specific device whereas google is still learning to optimize its Android OS by experimenting on Pixel devices. Android is still behind the optimization level which Apple has achieved with its devices. 

iPads uses low RAM and CPU power that results in smooth operations with the same amount of RAM that android devices have. The overall RAM management is also better in iOS devices which results in better multitasking and gaming performance.

Apple’s devices are more secure.

iOS devices are usually more secure than Android devices, it is difficult for hackers to penetrate the security system of iOS devices. The individual permission feature which google has adopted is also inspired by the permission feature of iOS which was present in iOS for a long time. 

The process of gaining root access on iPads is very difficult as compared to Android devices. Even after jailbreaking the iOS one will not get the customization option as much as Android has. 

Apple has a very keen interest in managing the privacy of its users. With the release of iOS 14, the user can see a colored light glowing at the top status bar that signifies what permission a running app is using.

Final Verdict.

The iPads have been in the race of a connecting bridge between computers and mobile phones for a long time and they have been working on the same principle of combining features and performance. Android devices may come at attractive pricing but beating iPads in terms of Security, Performance, and ease of use is still difficult for them.Owning an Android tablet is good for Watching movies, listening to music, and capturing photos but an iPad is about more productivity and office work. Features like apple pencil are better than any other android tablet with a stylus. Android is in the journey of providing a user experience similar to iPads but they have to work a lot to achieve this.