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On April 18, 2015
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Grammarly is the best Grammer and spelling checker. The main thing is its interface and compatibility are very user friendly. It can be easily used with MS Word, Outlook, emails, and all the web.

Tired of correcting your spelling mistakes? I think you had tried many softwares for auto correction of spellings and grammar. But are you satisfied with those softwares? Today I’m going to introduce you an awesome piece of software which automatically corrects your spelling Mistakes, Grammar, Punctuation and many things.

So What Exactly is Grammarly ?

Grammarly is a Best Automated Proofreader and Grammar Checker. It is 10 times more powerful than other common softwares. Content writers and bloggers need this software and it will be very helpful for them to automatically correct their mistakes while writing. Grammarly not only checks and corrects spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, punctuation and sentence formation but also checks for Plagiarism. ( It will be helpful for bloggers 😉 ).The best part is it is easy to use.


Top 10 Unbeatable Features of Grammarly – Grammar Checker :

1. Check Over 250 Points of Grammar

2. Improve Any Text

3. Optimized Synonyms Context based

4. Advanced Spell Checker

5. Plagiarism Detection

6. Find Errors That Microsoft® Word Can’t

7. Use Anywhere (and Everywhere!)

8. Improve Your Writing Skills

9. Instant Proof Read Results

10. Excellent Customer Support

How Does the Grammarly Work?

Once you install Grammarly, you’ll be able to make use of it. You have to either cut and paste or transfer a document in text or Word. Then You have to choose the genre that you just believe most closely fits your writing. Click the “Check your text” button. it will then instantly start scanning your document in 5 Essential Areas of your writing : Grammar, Spelling Mistakes, punctuations, Style and structure of sentence.

Free Check For Plagiarism
Within every of those 5 essential areas, Grammarly can check for areas of revision. for instance, among the grammar space of your document, will be checked for subject/verb agreement, use of adjectives and adverbs, and proper verb tenses. From there you’ll receive a score, an explicit percentage out of 100%. Grammarly also will recommend a way to revise your writing.

Again, you’ll be able to check conjointly for plagiarism, however that’s a separate button and should be done as a separate step.

Each month Grammarly can send you an analysis of your writing with percentages. Grammarly can determine your writing strength and weaknesses and act as your “grammar coach.”

Is it Easy to Use ?

Yes! its very user friendly and very simple. Below is an user interface demo video.



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Instant Grammar Checker

Final Verdict :

I had personally tried this amazing piece of software i.e., Grammarly. Its the best Grammer and spelling checker I’ve ever used. The main thing I liked is its interface and compatibility. It can be easily used with MS Word, Outlook, emails, and all the web. So why are you still waiting? Go and Grab this LIMITED OFFER of FREE 7- DAY TRIAL.