Top 7 Hublot Watches to Buy

It was until 1976 when Carlo Crocco founded Hublot, a luxury watch brand after having worked for Italy’s Binda Group for many years. Carlo released his first timepiece in 1980. The watch had a face that looked like a porthole and that’s what brought about the name Hublot.

The Hublot featured an innovative strap and a modern design and that’s what made people love the watch. Hublot also made history by incorporating the first natural rubber straps. After three years since Hublot incorporated the rubber straps, people were drawn to the watch due to the fact that the straps could remain supple and soft even after prolonged use. That’s what made other watchmakers to adopt the rubber straps in their watches.

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Today, Hublot watches are the most sought after timepieces worldwide. The popularity of the watch is what made the Formula One CEO to be mugged for his Hublot watch. The Hublot watches have been endorsed by many famous guys including Usain Bolt, Manchester United Team, Diego Maradona, and many others. Most Hublot watches come with a hefty price tag.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 7 Hublot watches to buy.

  1. The Hublot

The Hublot watch is one of the most expensive watch models of the Hublot brand which costs around $5 million. The Hublot watch was released in 2012 during the BaselWorld Watch and Jewelry show. The Hublot watch is perhaps the most costly watch in the world. The watch is designed with utmost care and consists of 1,282 diamonds, 6 stones of 3 carats. The overall weight of the watch is 140 carats. It took 14 months for a team of experts to create this beautiful timepiece.

  1. The Bigger Bang

The Hublot’s Bigger Bang cost a whopping $62,500 during its auction at Sotheby’s. It comes with 33 coated jewels. This all black watch is designed with stainless steel fastener with a display made of sapphire, plus one button chronograph. It also has a skeleton-like dial.

  1. Masterpiece MP-02

The Masterpiece MP-02 features a unique design with an innovative appearance and comes with black rubber and titanium. The watch is valued at around $305,000. Also, the Masterpiece comes with three configurations one which is meant to reduce the speed of time, the other one helps to increase the speed, and the last setting is for normal time telling.

  1. Big Bang King

Of all the all black watches designed by Hublot, the Big Bang King takes it all to the extreme. It is stunning, comes with a ceramic case, plus it has a Hublot’s signature rubber strap. Its dial is black featuring a sapphire crystal that ensures precise time telling.

The Big Bank King is priced at $250,000 and is waterproof up to 100 metres. It comes with a power back up of 120 hours.

  1. Classic Pink Gold and Diamonds

When it comes to designs, the   Classic Pink Gold and Diamonds watch is one of the stylish timepieces on the market today. It comes with a stainless steel case encased in an attractive mixture of vibrant diamonds and pink gold. The watch is powered by a Quartz movement and costs around $180,000. The best thing about this watch is that it is versatile.

  1. Black Caviar Bang

The Black Caviar Bang claimed a top seat at the 2009 Grand Prix de Geneve as the best watch in the watch industry. This million dollar watch weighs 18 carats which consists of white gold and its face does not have numbers. The dial, case, and clasp are encased with baguette diamonds.  In total, the watch has 544 diamonds which makes it be 34.5 carats.

  1. Classic Fusion Vision II

Our last watch of the top 7 Hublot watches is the Classic Fusion Vision II that is estimated to have cost around $90,000 during a Christie’s auction. The watch comes with varied colored faces and has 25 coated materials and jewels which include diamonds, titanium, and 18-carat pink gold. The watch has a leather strap unlike the rubber strap of other Hublot watches.

Final Words

The top 7 Hublot watches we have listed in this article are not only high-quality but are also the most expensive watches out there. If you love Hublot watches, then we hope you know where to get started.

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