How to Add/enable REPLY Button to Facebook Comments on Facebook Profile/Timeline

Hi friends i’m back with one more Facebook trick.I think you had saw the “Reply” to comments feature in every Facebook Pages.

For example :

But you might had noticed that unlike for facebook pages it is not available for facebook profiles.So now you want to feature to be there in your facebook profile.Don’t worry this post is only for you.I will show how to add/enable reply button on facebook comments in your facebook profile.

See the below screen shot for demo :

So here are the steps.

Steps to Add REPLY Button to Facebook Comments in fb profile :-

1. Visit :

2.Go to Inspect element by pressing F12.

3.Click the Gear like wheel button at the bottom of the inspect element window.

See the screenshot below:

4.A new window bar will open then go to “overrides” > enable.

5.Scroll down and enable “Override Geolocation” and change the Geolocation Position as follows:

Lat =  -41.289996   Lon = 174.781555

6.Then close this settings windows don’t worry because it will automatically save the settings.You don’t need to save the settings manually.After that close the inspect element window too.

7.Now go again go to and click check in and it should places related to New Zealand.

That’s it you had succesfully done the steps.Now go to your Facebook Profile and post a status and see the magic “reply button is working”.

Note:- This trick is can only be done in Google Chrome.

If your facing problems in doing the above steps ,you can download the chrome and firefox extensions for doing these steps in single clicks.

Download : chrome mannual-geolocations

Download : firefox add-on

After installing this Extensions change the location to New Zealand.And your done adding the REPLY Button to Facebook Comments on your profile .

Still facing problems watch this video:-

Credits: khalil shreateh

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  1. Wish this worked – no gear appears when I open the Inspect Elements window, so there’s no way to follow the steps from there ):