Good SEO is a Marathon, Not a Sprint: 7 Ways to Get Organic Traffic to Your Website

Receiving organic traffic on your website is crucial for many reasons. For one, it can boost your search engine ranking (and vice versa). Secondly, it indicates that you’ve received real human traffic as opposed to other traffic (e.g., robots) that occasionally come from paid advertising. Finding out how to increase organic traffic is integral. Good SEO can help you achieve that.

Good SEO is a Marathon, Not a Sprint: 7 Ways to Get Organic Traffic to Your Website

Here’s how you can get organic traffic with the proper use of search engine optimization (SEO):

#1. Use long tail keywords.

While utilizing your main, top-ranking keywords is important, so is making use of long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are keywords that are usually longer and more specific. Because long tail keywords are not as commonly used as low-hanging fruit (popular) keywords, this gives you a better chance of ranking higher on search engines.

#2. Create and post content often.

Content is king. But websites cannot receive top SEO rankings without up-to-date content. Without recent content, you may suffer from a high bounce rate as visitors may consider your website non-relevant. One great way to get more content rolling is to start a blog. In fact, 81-percent of website owners claim that having a blog is crucial when it comes to SEO.

#3. Edit old content on your website.

While you may believe focusing on new content is crucial, editing old content on your website is equally as important. On current blog posts and other content, boost the word count, make titles and headings more SEO-friendly, and add more long tail keywords. If you have to, you can even combine blog posts, articles, or other content into a longer piece. But quality is still crucial.

#4. Start to guest post.

Guest posting (or guest blogging) is when you write for a popular blog or website. Doing this can help get the word out about your website as you can use these posts to link back to your site. Based on SEO, guest posting can be more valuable than creating content on your own website. To make things easier, opt for Guest Posting Services.

#5. Use social media.

Not only can posting your content on social media bring in more organic traffic directly but can also boost your chances of being seen on search engines as social media and search engines tend to be linked. Through social sharing, your website can also be viewed as more credible and authentic overall, which are important when it comes to attracting more web traffic.

#6. Hyperlink your keywords.

Hyperlinking some of the keywords you use to other pages on your website is a great way to achieve better on-page SEO. Hyperlinks can also appear interactive and informative for readers. But don’t add hyperlinks just because. Ensure they have value and won’t be viewed as spammy.

#7. Peek at your competitors.

Seeing what your competitors are doing is key to increasing your SEO rank. However, also taking note of what they aren’t doing is equally as important. Surely there is something. Ask yourself what you can do better to out beat them. Remember, SEO is a competition, so treat it like it is.


Getting organic traffic on your website can be difficult but not impossible. Some ways to boost your SEO to gain more organic traffic include using long tail keywords, posting content more often, and editing old content on your website. Additionally, guest post, hyperlink your keywords, and spy on your competitors. With these tactics, you can boost organic traffic in no time.