Reach App Review – Discover & Share Music with your Friends

Ever wanted to know what kind of songs your friends hear? You can, but you have to check it yourself manually by asking your friend’s phone for some time then checking songs from it and then if you like some of them you will probably share them using shareit or any other file transfer service.

But what if this process can be made simpler and convenient. Let me introduce to you a new app which can do this within just a couple of minutes. Yeah! you heard right, you and your friends just need to download an app named Reach.

Reach App Review - Discover & Share Music with your Friends

You can get all of their music libraries and download them straight away from your phone no need of any third party service. This application makes use of a technology known as P2P(Peer to Peer).

Features of Reach:

  • Check and Download your friends music playlist.
  • Share your songs with them directly.
  • You can listen to your friends songs.
  • You can play the games which they like.
  • You can install the application which they use.
  • You can transfer Multiple files in just a click.

Reach App – User interface

What something unique in it is you don’t need to bother your friends always to share their music list. You can just access it anytime you want plus your friends can also do the same.

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Important thing: This app doesn’t store your data on their servers it just works on P2P network which means the file which is getting downloaded will not upload to any central server. It’s done just across the devices.

Another thing is there are no network restrictions, and you can share your content whenever you like, and it can be done by any means of connection like wifi or mobile data.

You might be thinking that this app just breaks our privacy. Let me clear this doubt, Reach app allows you to set privacy for any file which you don’t want to share. By default personal files are hidden by default, and you can set which friends can view which files. So it’s very secure to use.

So here’s how to use this application.

  1. First download it from here.
  2. Then after installing you will be getting a welcome screen, just click on let’s reach.
  3. In the next screen, you need to provide your phone number and verify it. (You will get an OTP to be entered over there).

That’s it. You can now use this app, now go to friends section and invite your friends to use this app. Once your friends install this app, you both can start sharing your music, apps, and games. You might be wondering again about the security breaches, don’t worry if anyone of your friends wants to access your files then he/she will need to send a friend request to you. He/she can access your data only if you accept their friend request.

Final Verdict:

Reach makes it very convenient to share our music, apps and games using p2p technology. Also, your data will be safe and secure. The user-interface UI is quite easy to use and smooth. What I loved about this app is beside streaming music from your friends playlist you can also download them. One thing I would like to be added in this app is a song search feature by using which you can quickly look for a particular song/app from your friend’s network.

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