Superscreen Kickstarter: Where Are They Now – What’s Changed?

Today’s smartphones can do everything we want. You have got access to multimedia content on your phone. Nonetheless, I know you need a larger screen to enjoy videos and browse the web. For the convenience, we tend to limit ourselves to the maximum 6-inch screen.

Superscreen came as a solution to all your worries. At the first glance, you will anticipate it to be a tablet. No, it isn’t a tablet! You can do everything you do on your phone on a wide surface. In short, it mirrors your phone screen to a bigger display and even allows you to interact with the content.


Superscreen isn’t a project carried out by a multinational company. For the same reason, they can’t actually bring the project to life without having the initial investment. That’s why the creators decided to go live on Kickstarter. The creator has actually managed to pull it off. They raised enough money.

Once the fund is raised, the product should be manufactured. And, the backers should get the product as a reward. As you can see from the Kickstarter page, different backing options are available.

You know it isn’t possible to make every idea we have into an actual product. As a creator, you need immense financial aid and physical help (which you can hire using the funds). Somewhere along the line, as the research and manufacturing process goes on, the project may stop at a dead end. It is the most painful moment as a creator because he/she has already spent a lot of time, money, and effort on it. Sadly, that’s what happened with Superscreen. They actually sent 179 backers a beta product in the month of July.

As you read earlier, Kickstarter helps creators bring their products to life. Not everyone is Bill Gates. And, not everyone can build Microsoft overnight. Kickstarter helps everyone gather the fund they need so that they can bring their dreams to reality.

The creator actually making a contract with the backers on the platform. Given he is devoid of funds, he makes a contract with others so that he can send rewards to them once the product goes on live. Until the project successfully raises the full amount, the backers won’t be charged. On the successful completion of the funding, the creator should start producing the product and send the reward.

Due to some reason, the delivery date may be changed. You know, it’s a startup! Of course, the creator estimates the completion of the manufacturing. However, the work may take some time to get finished. It is the creator’s job to ensure the perfectness of the project. He must check multiple times for the completion of the project.

In case the delivery takes a while, it means the product needs a last round of perfection. As you already read, the contract still remains between the backer and the creator. You can email them personally to get the whole details of the process.

Sometimes, the project may get halted due to a dead end the process face. Superscreen has reached such a dead end that the manufacturing can’t be started on a large scale.

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