Code to Add All Friends To Facebook Group in one click 2014

Facebook Groups pays a great role in driving traffic to our blogs or websites.There are so many groups in Facebook to promote your website/business.They are of different niches.So,its a good option to promote your business in those active facebook groups of your niche.

So you too created a new Facebook group to promote your business or blog ?And then you started adding members in it manually.It will be easy for you if you add 20-30 friends.But it becomes a headache to add thousands of members in your newly created facebook group.

Hey!Don’t worry this post is mainly written only for you.So here I’m going to share a trick through which we can add all friends to our Facebook Group.

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How to Add all Friends to Facebook Group :

1.Open the Facebook group in which you want to add your friends as group members.

2.Go to members section and open your Console Windows using F12

3.Then Go here and copy paste the code in the console window.

Wait for a few seconds until it adds all of your friends.

That’s it now you had added all your facebook friends in your group as members with a single click.

Conclusion :

There are lots of scripts and web apps – extensions available over the internet.But most of them are either Spam or not working.So we have a collected this script from a site that is safe and spamless.

Thanks for reading this trick.Stay tuned to for more Tech Tricks and Latest Tech Updates.Please comment down if you face any problem.we are here to solve it. 🙂

    • Hi Rahul Pawar,Thanks for showing your keen interest in Security. But it is secure. I had tested it and it works finely. No issues.
      Abdul Ghani,
      Tech Glows.

  1. Thanks for the interesting tip! It will certainly fit some sites better than others depending on their goals and objectives. I enjoyed your article. Don Purdum

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