Creating Salesforce Email Templates

It is really easy to create Salesforce email templates. If you are sending the same old emails then creating a Salesforce email template can save a lot of time for you. The range includes sending introduction emails to the leads, case notification emails or welcome letters. Most of the Salesforce administrators/line managers create standard templates for the users and therefore you have dealt with the email templates before. But the templates we are talking about are updated rarely and it is hard for the managers to always keep themselves on top of them. So, creating personal Salesforce email templates can keep yourself on top and you can make sure that you use up-to-date, relevant and personalized templates for emails.

Salesforce Email Templates

How to create Salesforce email template?

So, you want to start learning how to create Salesforce email templates? In order to create your own template, click your name on the top corner on the right side of Salesforce and then go to ‘My Settings’. Click on Email Section from there on the left and proceed to ‘Email templates’.

You are now presented with a platform to create Salesforce email template. You can view a list of folders on the top left. Usually if some templates are used by your company frequently then you can see folders like ‘Sales templates’, ‘Service templates’ etc.  Generally you get access to Unified public email templates folder and My personal email templates folder. When you create your own templates, you can use My Personal Email templates folder so that only you can see and use them. When you select a folder you will get a green button ‘New template’ which allows you to create new template in that folder.

You get 4 options when you hit New Templates button. They are Text, HTML, Custom or VisualForce. We will talk about using plain text here in this article. After you have selected Text, you will be shown the area where you can craft your custom template. The upper part is the place where you can insert merge fields and where you can customize your template by grabbing like the Contacts first name or Account name to whom you are sending these templates. This saves time otherwise you have to insert every time. The bottom part of page is the place where you are able to create Salesforce email template and copy and paste the values in.

The fields are mostly self-explanatory and basic in creating Salesforce email templates. Choose the folder where you want to save the template. Once you decide which of the merge fields you want to use, you just have to select an object simply for which you want to grab the information. Then you can select the field name which you need. This generates a merge field which you can copy and paste to your template.


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