How to find the best dedicated server host for you website?

Through dedicated hosting servers, more power and more features are offered as compared to shared or VPS hosting. But when you decide to select the best dedicated server host for you, it is important to consider a lot number of things before you take the jump. No two dedicated server hosting services are same and therefore you have to consider the impact of many factors in deciding the best host for you.

dedicated server host

Quality of hardware provided by the best dedicated server host

Since you are going to take a complete server for you on rent, you will obviously not take a bunch of old hardware components thrown together on a metal chassis. You will obviously look for dedicated server host providing servers with enterprise graded HDDs or even SSDs. Look for the branded hosting servers for which the examples are Supermicro, Dell or HP. These are good quality servers and good brands.

Support options

The actual level of support by the dedicated server host varies from host to host. Here are some of the most important considerations to make when you compare the different support lines.

  • How is the support feature offered by the dedicated server hosting service? Is it easy to reach out the support team anytime you wish through ticketing system, live chat, mail or phone?
  • Is the support offered 24X7 by the hosting provider?
  • How is the response time taken by the different support channels?
  • What is the quality of the support provided by the support team? Do they have sufficient natural intelligence or they act just as robots searching answers from wikis and others?

For getting these answers, it is a good idea to talk to the support teams and know about the quality of the support through different channels.

Replacement guarantee for the hosting servers

The replacement guarantee for the hardware of the hosting servers is important and it guarantees that if you have a problem, the data center or the dedicated server host will offer to replace the failed hardware within a certain timeframe. Checking out the SLA (Service level agreement) is always important before you select the best server host for you. If the host has a poor SLA, then you will be in a bad situation if you need an urgent replacement of the failed hardware.

Software options

Operating systems – Does your dedicated server host provide all the main distributions of Linux and Windows?

Control Panel – Which are the different types of control panels offered? Do their hosting servers have the well known panels like cPanel/WHM or Plesk?

Uptime and Network Quality

The network should never frequent packet loss or regular outages and this makes a bad impression of the host and you have to suffer a lot of issues due to this.

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    Thanks for the good article. I didnt know anythink about, choosing my hosting.
    But as for me, the most important parameters of hosting were nice speed, good stability and not very terrible price.
    And i choose
    1 year with it and dont want to choose another
    P.S. sorry for my English and dont mind as reclame