Generate New Leads with Social Listening and NetBase

Social listening can be used to effectively generate new leads. Brands that succeed in this area often focus on solving the problems that are identified through the social listening process. This consists of monitoring keywords that are related to the challenges and problems that consumers face. There are many ways to use information from social listening to reach potential leads. Let’s take a closer look at this topic.


Aligning Your Message

Once you have gathered information from social listening, that information should be used to align your message with what consumers are seeking. For instance, if there is a particular problem that has been communicated, you can use the language of your target audience to communicate a solution. When you speak the same language, there is a better chance that they will trust what you have to say. Whether this is done in a social media post or an article published on your website, you are more likely to generate a lead when what you’re saying resonates with your target demographics.

You should use the same phraseology when publishing to socials and your website. The keywords that you need can be easily ascertained by using tools provided by NetBase. This is a company that makes lead generation easier through social listening and tools that can help you develop a more robust marketing campaign.

Developing Lead Generation Campaigns

To generate leads, it’s necessary to be intentional. This can be done by establishing a campaign that’s focused on listening for the purpose of identifying problems communicated by your target audience. If your goal is to identify and offer solutions to problems, it’s necessary to identify them on a regular basis. This will require you to look at reports so that you can tailor your efforts based on the data obtained. This can be done with ease by identifying relevant keywords and phrases. You can then use this information to participate in the conversation and offer the solutions that people seek.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

There have been many conversations over the years about the customer experience. This includes experiences both online and in physical stores. The reason why it’s important is that the customer experience will often dictate whether or not they return. Many customers will never return to a brand after they have a negative experience. They will simply go elsewhere. Social media listening provides an opportunity to improve customer satisfaction and customer experience by responding promptly. 

Retaining existing customers is just as important as generating new leads. By responding to concerns and resolving problems, you even give prospective customers a reason to consider your products and services. Social media is a very public marketing tool and how you respond is viewed and judged by many. By using the right listening tools, you’re more likely to respond quickly and to the satisfaction of the customer.

Engaging with Customers

What’s also valuable about engaging with a customer when resolving a problem is the ability to gather important information that can be used to meet the needs of other consumers. This will require real engagement as opposed to a canned message that you send in response to complaints. That is no longer acceptable in a world where social media users are savvy and have high expectations. 

Listening to generate new leads is all about solving problems. It’s the reason why most people shop. They have a need or a problem and then find a company that can provide what they’re looking for. It’s worth noting that reviewing the socials of a customer before responding can help you gather the information that you need for a more powerful and satisfactory response. 

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