Here’s How a Guy Opted his Biggest Decision by just Surfing a Damn! Cool Site

Pranith was confused as hell. Engineering always fascinated him, and he wanted to be an Engineer from his childhood itself.

But Indian parents are always Indian, you know? They wanted their son to appear in All India Medical Entrance and be a doctor. Following a career that we don’t like is like marrying a girl whom we can never love. You know she is your wife. But it’s just a name of the relation, nothing more than that. Likewise, if we choose a wrong career path, we will do it like a machine.

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He was brave enough to stand stern for his ambition. That was why he argued with his parents to accept his decision to be a chemical engineer. What’s the first ladder in order to get into an Engineering college? Yup, you guessed it right. You have to pass the Joint Entrance Exam.

Pranith joined a coaching center and started studying portions for the exam. Days dropped like old leaves. His brain worked relentlessly as a machine without wear and tear. And at last, it happened!!

Yeah man, he jumped that hurdle with high scores. Teachers and friends congratulated him. Suddenly, he became a star in his village. It had become a saying of parents that ‘study like that Pranith, you idiot’.

But again he fell into a serious dilemma. He knew he could make up to get a seat in an IIT. Yet, he was unsure of the course he would achieve. He badly wanted to study chemical engineering. Oops!! What if I couldn’t get a seat for chemical engineering in an IIT?? He thought. And he realized that he would be in between the devil and sea.

Why because chemical engineering is not a common faculty that every engineering college has. He didn’t know any best college with that faculty either. It felt like his dream castle was shattering block by block. The goddess of sleep flew away from him.

What to do?? If I said anything to my parents, it would create even worse scene. He couldn’t think. It didn’t go so long. He was born to be a victor. How could any worse situation rewrite his destiny?

One day, he was surfing the internet in an internet café. He knew he had to drop his dream career. But what goes wrong with a trial? So, he searched for ‘how to find the best college in India’ on Google.Wow!! It was an ‘Aha’ moment. He went with the first result came up.

Can you guess what is he doing at the moment? He is studying chemical engineering in a reputed college in India.

Recently, one of his relative lads called Pranith. And he told that he was preparing for JEE Advanced 2016. But he was worried whether he could get admission into a good college or not for his favorite subject. IIT might be out of reach for him.

Do you know how Pranith set his relative’s mind at rest? He did nothing but told this.

“Yaar, you don’t have to worry about anything. CollegeDunia is here for your help.”I think you now got clarity about the first result he surfed for. Pranith, finally bagged up an admission in a top notch college. 🙂

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