How To Compress 1GB to 10MB Using KGB Achiver

Hello friends,Today i’m going to share a very useful software for compressing high data into a small file.It’s very useful for those who have less storage.Compressing a file means decrease the size of a file without loosing a single system file from it.One of the The Highest Compression Ratio Archiver software is known as – “KGB Archiver”. It can compress 3.50 GB into 30-40 MB.So this the best compression tool which ever existed and it also promises no loss of data and is safe to use.

Compressing 1GB into 10MB – KGB Archiver
Its Very Easy To Use.


1. Highest Compression Ratio
2. Accurate Results ,No data loss or damage,100% safe.

Disadvantages :

1.Takes a lot of time to compress.
2.Takes a lot of time to decompress.

Minimum System Requirements:

Fast 1.5GHz Processor or Better and 1 GB RAM

Recommended System Requirements:

Fast Dual Core Process 2GHz Speed and 2GB RAM – Windows 7/8 32 bit.

Download Links:

Download KGB Archiver using Cnet.

Download KGB Archiver using Softpedia.

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