Password Protect USB Flash Drive – Guide to Secure USB Drive

USB Flash drives are very common to us.They are used to transfer GB’s of data from a computer to any other device.USB Flash Drives are small and portable.They are also used in DVD players as an extra feature to play media from the USB Flash Drive.

Password Protect USB Flash Drive – Guide to Secure USB Drive

Besides having many important advantages it also has some disadvantages i.e., any one can view,copy,modify or delete your Data without your permission.

But don’t worry,Today we came up with a new trick to Lock and Safe your USB Flash Drive.
Though you can do it manually.

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But if you want to make it simple to Lock and Unlock your USB Drive then read this trick.

So What Do you Need to Password Protect your USB? :-

1.A computer running WindowsXP or Win7 or Win8.

2.USB Security software.

How to Password Protect USB Flash Drive :-

1.Download USB Security.

2.Open the Downloaded software and when you see the Installation window,just click “Accept”.

3.Now a new window will open showing the available Removable Drives in your Computer.Select the Removable Drive that you want to Password Protect and Click “Install”.

4.Now Set a strong Password for your USB Drive and click “Protect”.

That’s it freinds you had successfully Protected your USB with a Password.A window will appear stating that your USB Drive is Protected Successfully.

How to Unlock the Password Protected USB Drive? :-

When you Password Protect your USB Drive with USB Security,it copies a file named “usbsecurity.exe” to your USB Drive.

1.Open “usbsecurity.exe” file from your USB drive and type your password.

2.Then click “Open in virtual drive” and its gets unlocked for one time use.(by creating a virtual disk)

If you choose to click “Unprotect this Drive” then it will be unlocked permanently and you have lock it again.

Below is a video showing the same steps as above.

FAQ :-

Q.What if someone deletes the”usbsecurity.exe” file from my USB Flash Drive?

A.Simply Copy and paste “usbsecurity.exe” file to your pendrive and you can get back your data by unlocking it.

Q.If “usbsecurity.exe” file is not avaliable in my computer then what to do?

A.Just come back to this post and download again from here and copy into your USB Flash drive.

Please comment down if you face any problems in protecting or unlocking your USB Drive.