How to Make Money on Youtube [Infographic]

Hello Readers of Tech Glows .Today I’m going to share you that how to make money on Youtube.

Yes that’s true you can earn a good amount of Money from Youtube. Many people has been earning a Good Huge amount of online Money with Youtube. It is real not a Spam, you must follow some tricks to try your Luck in Making Money on Youtube.


How to Make Money on Youtube :-

1. Upload Original Quality Content – because Content is King.

2. Apply for a Google Adsense Account and get Approved.

3. Do a Keyword Research on the Video you are going to Upload.

4. Promote the video link on all social media sites like Facebook,Twitter,Google plus,Pinterest,etc

This are the Key Points you should follow for Making Money on Youtube.

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Courtesy: All Tech Buzz

Conclusion :

Those who think making money online is easy and can be done by spamming are totally wrong.Yes Making Money Online with any site is a bit tough unless you Work Hard while producing Genuine content.

Please Comment down with your valuable suggestions.Feel Free to comment we are here to understand you.

  1. Abdul,
    Thanks for sharing. I have not setup a google adsense account yet and I need to. This is a very interesting way to make money on youtube. I will definitely do my research. I love your step by step instructions here. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Great points. One thing I’ve learned you can do to help your YouTube videos grow is to add the captions. It’s a word for word text in the site and helps YouTube and Google index the video better. Because it sees the text, it acts like a blog in the sense that they know every word and can better position it.
    Don Purdum