How To Run/Execute Java Applications On Windows Computer

If you would like to undertake your JAVA games before putting in them then you’ll be able to do that on your Windows computer. it’s attainable to run JAVA J2ME Apps and Games on your Windows computer by installing KEmulator. This software package is a mobile game emulator which can emulate java mobile games and apps of β€˜jar format’ on your Windows computer. It supports OpenGL Graphics Acceleration and MIDP 2.0. It uses the java plugin (JAVA Runtime Environment) put in in your computer to run these java applications. thus it’s vital that the newest version of JAVA JRE (also referred to as JAVA Runtime Environment) ought to be put in on your computer.

It was not possible to run JAVA J2ME applications directly on your Windows PC. But, now it is possible to run JAVA J2ME Apps and Games on your Windows PC by using KEmulator. How to use?

How To Run Java Apps On PC :-

1.Download KE Emulator.exe as provided in this link.

2.Run setup & install emulator.

3.Now run KE EMulator.

4.Open .jar file by going in ‘Midlets’.

What else you will need?
It works on all leading operating systems, so you can use it on all platforms.
Java Runtime Environment JRE 6.0, it is necessary to be installed on your computer, otherwise it won’t work

Advantages :-

1.User Friendly.

2.Different Resoultions supported.

3.Supports MIDP 2.0(JSR118).


1. Can’t execute “JAD” file systems.

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