How to Install MIUI6 ROM in Redmi 1S Indian version

Hello Readers of Tech Glows. As per your requests, we are posting a tutorial to install MIUI6 on your Xiaomi Redmi 1S device.


Before we start the process, let’s see the requirements.

1. MIUI6 ROM file for Redmi 1S

2. A Redmi 1S Device 😛

ROOT IS NOT REQUIRED. If your Device is rooted still you can install this update.

So let’s start the process of installing MIUI6 in Redmi 1S.

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How to Install MIUI6 ROM in Redmi 1S Indian version

Update: The ROM which we provided in this tutorial is a MIUI6 Developer ROM. The new Global MIUI6 version for Redmi 1S was released just now. With this global version you need not to install Google play and google apps. Here’s the link. Flashing process is same. Just download it and follow the below process.

Method 1 – Installing MIUI6 in Redmi 1S Manually :

1. Download the MIUI6 Developer ROM file for Redmi 1S from here.

2. Rename the downloaded file to “”.

3. Move the file to the root directory.

4. Boot into Recovery Mode. There are two methods to boot into recovery mode in Redmi 1S. First one is opening the updater app and menu and then selecting “Reboot to Recovery”. The second method is to turn off the device and hold Volume Up (+) button and the power button simultaneously. That’s it now you will be in the MI recovery mode.

MI recovery menu redmi 1s

5. When you open the recovery menu you will be asked to select the language. Select “English” from that menu. In the MI recovery menu use the volume buttons to select up/down and power button to select.

MI recovery menu redmi 1sMI recovery menu redmi 1s


6. Now select “Wipe & Reset”. Then select “wipe user data” and then “wipe cache”.

7. Now come back to the main menu select “Install to system”. It will ask you to confirm, just select “Yes”.

Voila! Its now installing the MIUI6 in your  Xiaomi Redmi 1S device. Till then don’t do anything in your device. Leave it a side. After the installation is finished just select “reboot” from the menu.

That’s it you have successfully installed MIUI6 in your phone. Below is another method.

Method 2 – Installing MIUI6 in Redmi 1S Directly using Updater App :

If your are lazy and don’t want to mess up with tech stuff. Then this method is for you 😀 and its very easy method.

1. Copy the downloaded ROM file in “downloaded_rom” folder in the root directory. (Internal storage)

2. Open the updater app and select update package.

3. Select the zip file which we have placed in the “downloaded_rom”folder.

4. Click on install and wait for the installation process to complete.

During update your phone will reboot several times. Don’t worry just ignore it, sit back and relax.

That’s it you’ve successfully installed MIUI6 in your Redmi 1S.

Note : This is MIUI6 Chinese version ROM. But don’t worry you will be able to see all things in English. There will be no google play store. For that purpose we have shown a way to install Google play store in this Version.

Important :
Now you have to install google play store and google apps in your apps.

How to install Google play store in Redmi 1S Chinese version :

1. Download Google installer app from here and install it.

google installer apk india redmi 1sgoogle installer apk google services framework


2. Select Google play store from there and click ok when it asks you to install google services framework.

That’s it, now this app will install all the google apps you want.

Note : Installing this MIUI6 ROM in your device does not void your warranty. You can install it without any problem.

Final Verdict :

Installing MIUI6 in Redmi 1S is very easy. Though this ROM is a developer version. I personally tested in a Redmi Device. I found no problems during installing or after installation. I recommend you to turn on automatic updates by going to updater app. This will keep your device up to date and bug free.

Hope you found this tutorial helpful. If yes please give it a share and don’t forget to Subscribe to our mailing list. If you face any problem please don’t hesitate to comment. We are always here to help you 🙂

    • Hello Vahid,

      Thanks for commenting. You have to download the miui5 from here.
      and then install it using MI recovery menu. if you have any more problems, please don’t hesitate we are here to help you.


      • HI Abdul, I upeated my redmi 1s as per your instruction but my phone has been behaving abnormal from then and I am notbqboe tobuse mostbof the apps like gmail,YouTube, play store ,they are automatically crashing down. How can I reswitch to earlier version miui 5 and v50. Please guide and provide the link. Above linkbis notbworking.

  1. Bro,I have tried downgrading to earlier version like v50 through recovery mode but its not working. And pardon me for many typos ,my phone has gone haywire

    • Hello Aaditya,

      If you install this MIUI6 ROM using the updater app then you will not loose any data. But if you flash using mi recovery you’ve wipe data causing it to loss of data.

      So if you want your data try the updater app method.

      Hope this solves your problem.

      Abdul Ghani.

  2. Abdul bhai, i tried installing miui 6 ROM using updater app but… at 98% it says FAILED to update , and now my phone is only starting in mi recovery mode , unable to use my phone so tell me how to fix it and why it is happen??

    • Hello Danish,

      In the recovery mode select wipe data and reboot the phone. If the phone boots normally then it’s fine or else you have to download stock ROM from the MIUI developer site. And then flash it using recovery mode.

      Hope this will help you.

      Abdul Ghani.