Why does domain authority drops – 5 reasons and how to avoid them

The Domain Authority score shows the possibility of a website’s pages ranking in search engines. It can be ranked from one to ten 

It was invented by Moz, but it’s an estimate of Google’s “PageRank” score (from 1 to 10) for determining the credibility of a website. (Every major SEO program has an equivalent: SEMrush has Authority Score, Ahrefs has Domain Rating.) Because Google’s PageRank scores are no longer visible, many search marketers utilize Domain Authority as a proxy.

Domain Authority (DA) measures how trustworthy a website is in comparison to other websites based on a variety of characteristics, including links. It’s like a vote of confidence if one website connects to another website 

There can be many reasons why the Domain Authority shows a drop in points.  Drop by 1 to 5 points is very normal, one can improve that. But if there is more drop than that it’s alarming and on need to check for the reason 

Here are the top 5 reasons for the drop of Domain Authority and ways you can avoid them 

  1. Massive keyword stuffing 

If on your website the content has overused the keyword in an abrupt way, where it doesn’t make sense then it will raise a red flag for Google 

Google keeps a tight check on the data that is provided on the Internet to be relevant and sensible.  If just for the sake of keyword stuffing you have used it massively then you can lose the points that determine the credibility of your website and as a result Domain Authority drops. You must keep a check on your domain Authority with the help of Domain Authority checker. It will help you improve and have your credibility checked

When work is miss-used because it’s going to get acknowledged by Google and it’s not needed in any way it will have a negative impact 

How to avoid keyword stuffing 

You must write content that is informative and relevant for the user. Even if you use keywords in moderation but with the best source links and data that one can provide on the topic 

If you are a blogger and writing a content used keyword must appear 2 to 5 times any more than that would not earn you any positive points in fact it will drop the Domain Authority. 

  1. Quantifying rich anchor texts

If your website shows a high number of single keyword as an anchor then get ready to face the wrath of Google.  As Google crawler will identify that you are only using a certain keyword because it is extra beneficial Google will take action against your website and your domain authority will be surely affected 

Google will analyze the presence of keyword and if the content doesn’t check out in alignment with the overall standing of a website then Google will take down or ban the website and all your hard work will be lost. 

How to avoid 

Google likes variety and it promotes websites that show a wide range of keyword usage with proper content backing up then Google will surely reward you accordingly and improve your domain Authority Score and your website will grow and appear to be in top pages. You must keep up with your Page Authority and Domain Authority with the help of dapadapache.org with which you will get the real-time standing of your website and you can plan how in the future you want to improve domain Authority 

  1. Unusual link creation

Google’s webmaster guidelines are pretty clear about this if your website gets linked with irrelevant or fake websites. Or if there is any hint that you are purchasing the backlinks. You are clearly violating the guidelines and extreme actions will be taken and penalties will be imposed on your website and your domain authority gets the brutal hit. 

Buying backlinks is totally prohibited and brings a negative impact on the overall credibility of the website. 

How to avoid 

In order to avoid you must never buy any credit links. Word properly on creating great content and proper SEO to create the worth of your website. 

You must never exchange any services in order to get credit links. Make your website good enough that others give your reference to authenticate their work 

  1. Lack of activity 

The activity you show on your website is in direct relationship with the Domain Authority Score. You must upload the relevant content and make sure to stay active on your website regularly 

If your activity is dead on the website Google will give you a hard response and dropped your domain Authority.

How to Avoid

Your activity will improve your domain Authority the most. If you post informative articles and stay on your desired domain your website will get the most traffic and improved domain Authority Score that you can check with a DA PA checker.

  1. Unable to stay updated with SEO 

Search engines are always evolving. Google, for example, provides new updates on a regular basis to improve its usefulness. It’s critical to stay current with search engine upgrades in order to avoid being penalized.

Following are some things you can do to increase your SEO:

  • Examine your keyword position.
  • Check the speed of your website.
  • Examine your organic traffic numbers.
  • Keep an eye on your conversions.
  • Check to see if your website is mobile-friendly.
  • Find out if you’re being penalised by Google, and then repair it.
  • Diversify your anchor text distribution.
  • Lower-ranking keywords should be improved.
  • Title tags should be optimised.
  • Create data-driven content that is linked internally.

How to avoid 

You must keep in check the above-mentioned points and your website will give you the best output financially as well as in Google ratings 

Keeping up with Google’s provided guidelines is key to get the best domain Authority Score.  The more you follow the rules and work ethically on your website it will get you the best results possible and your ratings will improve as well as your bank statement 

Hard work with smart SEO will get you on the top of your game. Stay in touch with all the recent developments in the rules to follow, chose the right areas of interest to work on. Do not cheat under any circumstances is the key to success 

Google will surely reward you for your genuine work and your credibility will rise 

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