5 Tips for Picking the Right Power Bank

No Doubt Today Smart Phones are used by everyone as its like a pocket computer. Even though the Technology has improved a lot, many of the smartphone’s battery is not that much great to give a battery back up of more than 1 day. Well! Some high end smart phones are quite bad when comes to their battery backup. So today in this smart world, everyone is opting for a Power Bank or Portable Battery to recharge their smart phone anywhere.

So If you’ve determined to buy a good power bank then you’re at a good place to read about it. Here we’re going to guide you in buying a Power Bank for your Smart Phone/Tablet.

First, lets understand and know more about the Power Bank.

What’s power bank?

Power bank is a straightforward portable device that is employed to charge the gadgets like mobile phones, tablets and cameras. They are available with a special battery and circuit that are lined or covered by a case.

When we charge the power bank, the power/energy gets stored in it. This stored electrical power is used to charge the gadgets whenever required. So, essentially it stores the energy (power) and lets the user use it at any time. Thus, it’s known as power bank!

5 Tips for Picking the Right Power Bank

5 Tips for Picking the Right Power Bank



When it comes to capacity, it should be always more and more. The more the capacity, the more it is useful. The capacity for Power Banks and our smart phone’s battery is measured in mAh – Milli Ampere Hour. Suppose if your phone’s capacity is 2500mAh and the power bank you’re going to buy has a capacity of charging 2,500mAh. And when you try to charge your phone with this capacity of power bank, you’ll wonder why its not giving full output as mentioned in its capacity. This is because of the circuit resistance and voltage conversion. You will get nearly 2,000mAh usable capacity of power bank. In a simple word, it’s called as efficiency, Google about it you’ll know more :). So think and choose wisely according to your phone’s capacity and the real output of power bank.


This is another big factor when buying a power bank. It should be very light weight and easy to carry and that’s called as portability. If you’re going to buy a power bank with high capacity, then probably you’ll get a heavy weighted one. As the capacity increases, there are chances of increase in weight. So select a Power bank, which is having a good capacity and portability too.


When it comes to Quality having all the good specifications and poor quality will result as waste. Quality in a sense here is the material used to cover the power bank’s circuit and the circuit’s designing. It’s all about the circuit protection. You may have recently heard a news about it that some power banks are exploding. Yes! You heard right some cheap quality power banks, which only focuses on capacity and not on quality have a greater chance of exploding and other factors like no temperature protection, protection from short circuit, Input over voltage protection, protection from incorrect insertion and output over current. These are the key factors to be looked in terms of quality. The power bank should have good capacity, portability and a good quality too.


Hell! Yeah, having all the key specifications like good capacity, portability, quality is not enough. Because the branded ones are certified with FCC , CE, ROHS certifications. Another important thing in terms of Brand is you will get warranty for the product. They provide good customer support and care. Whereas the others who sale fake ones at low prices are likely to ignore it.


So now you’ve gone through the four major factors and are going to buy one. Wait! Are you Bill Gates to buy a high end device with all high specifications? 😛 No! We all have different budgets and we choose accordingly. Whatever the price may choose the one which is having all the features at least to a close in your budget. And if you are looking to have a deal like this then shopping online is the best way to buy products according to your needs at a reasonable price.

Final Verdict

I’ve mentioned all the major things which should be considered when buying a good power bank for your smart phone. Well! In addition to it. Some other things are having a good simple design, LED indicators to show us the charging percentage, no. of USB outputs, etc.. Anyways choice is yours, don’t buy blindly. Know more about the product you’re going to buy 🙂

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