How to Hide the Seen and Typing indicators on Facebook Chat

Do you hate the “seen” and “typing” feature in Facebook chats.If Yes then this post is only for you.Facebook is no doubt the largest Social Media Network.It updates its layout (UI) time to time.

Facebook is known world wide for its connectivity features.Inspite of lots of improvements,it is having some bugs.One of them is the “SEEN” and “TYPING” features in Chat.Its very annoying and becomes worst when you don’t want to chat with the other person.Although Facebook has “turn off chat” but still it doesn’t work on other devices and in some other cases.So this post shows you how to Disable ‘Seen’ & ‘Typing’ Indicators For Facebook Chat.
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How to hide the SEEN and TYPING indications On Facebook :-

1.Download a chrome extension named “Facebook Chat Privacy” from here.

2.Install the Extension.
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3.After installing unlike other extensions it will be placed at URL address bar.

That’s it friends you had successfully disabled the “seen” and “typing” indicators feature on facebook.You will now be able to hide the seen and typing feature,the best part is you can see the typing indicators of your freind’s chat.
If you want to disable this feature just click the icon and select “Disable”.As shown in the screenshot.

Conclusion: I had personally tested this extension and it works finely.Alternatives to this extensions are facebook unseen and Messenger UNSEEN on Facebook

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