Apple Launches iOS 8 : Check New Features and Compatible Devices

Hey!The most awaiting Apple iOS 8 is now officially announced.The new Apple iOS 8 Operating System is now available for Developers and will be launched soon publicly.

Compatible Devices with Apple iOS 8 :

Generally apple iOS will support all the mobiles with iOS 7 running,Below is a list of all supported Apple Mobiles.

Apple Iphone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s
Apple Ipod Touch 5th Generation 16GB and Ipod Touch 32GB/64GB.
Apple Ipad mini,Ipad with Retina Display and Ipad Air.

Note : Apple Iphone 4 is not supported for iOS 8.

20 Major New Features of Apple iOS 8 :

1. Health kit

Apple iOS 8 introduced a new app that sends your health statistics to other apps. This health data sharing may help others apps to track your health.

2. Camera API

The iOS 8 is packed with a new Camera interface Layout and supports sharing the camera’s Hardware with third party applications using it’s API.

3. Photos

Apple had included new editing feature in Photos.With this you can edit your pictures with smart adjustments.All photo filters,effects are packed up with the photo editor in iOS 8.It also supports third party photo filters and effects.

4. Continuity

This is the Biggest ever update in iOS 8.Continuity allows us to connect our iPhone ,iPad and Mac together like never before.Which includes cellular data sharing,lifting call through Mac and iPad,etc.

5. AirDrop

AirDrop is used to transfer files and data between your iPhone and Mac using WiFi.

6. Handoff

Handoff allows us to access and start again the left work from Mac to our iPhone.

7. Text Message Integration

This feature comes under Continuity app that allows us to send and read messages from your iPhone with a Mac and Ipad.

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8. Call Integration

You can answer all the calls coming to your iPhone from your Mac with built in mic and speaker in it.

9. New Notifications

In the new iOS 8 you can interact with the Notifications without unlocking your iPhone and also has a feature of accessing notifications without leaving running apps.

10. People

A new widget is placed on the Home screen showing a list of frequently contacted people or favorites on clicking which gives their information.

11. Advanced new Email

The Email app is updated with awesome gesture support.You can reply or delete a message using Gestures.

12. Spotlight

Spot light gives you suggestions like news ,stocks,wikipedia,places,etc by sliding down.

13. Key Board Enhancements

The new iOS 8’s Keyboard is enhanced with Prediction and suggestions and thus making your typing easy and fast.

14. iMessages

iMessages in iPhone OS8 allows send pictures and video quickly,share your location,chat in groups,mute or leave group conversation feature also included.

15. iCloud Drive

iCloud in iOS 8 allows you to upload your files,presentations,pictures,etc in your iCloud and are accessible anywhere in your account.

16. Siri

Siri has been updated version that is active constantly in background and it activates just by saying “hey siri” without having to press the home button.

17. Family Sharing

Its an app that allows kids to buy games,movies,etc from their father’s credit card.It asks permission from father to allow the transaction.Also family members can share their books,movies,purchased items ,etc.

18. Enterprise features

The enterprise feature is very useful for companies and organisations for sharing documents with their colleagues with better security and more usefull productivity apps.

19. Extensions

This is biggest update ever in Apple iOS’s history as it allows developers to integrate extensions for in iOS 8 like adding a third party photo effect or filter in default photo editing app.

20. Touch ID

Touch ID allows you to use apps with enhanced security by using thumb print. Earlier it was just a unused feature but now all the apps supports Touch ID.

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