SWIFTKEY Is Now FREE For Android Mobiles

Hey!That’s true Swift key Android app which is one of the most Downloaded apps on Google play store is now FREE.Once it was a paid app for $3.99 but now its free.

You can download it from play store.You might have been wondering that why did they made it free?It is a new marketing strategy to attract more customers.Also most of the people love the word “FREE” .

The Creators of Swift Key John Reynolds and Ben Medlock had adopted this new marketing strategy to attract more users.They officially said that they are going to focus on Design,functionality and more users.Instead they are making new themes and designs which are available to purchase within the app.

The Swift key Android app is loved by many users for its smart key board functions and it also predicts the next typing word with its unique algorithm.The Manufacturers of smart phones like Samsung had already started integrating it in their devices.

With the launch of latest iOS 8 in the market ,The Swift company had also officially stated that soon they are going to release its iOS version for Apple Devices.

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