Bring the Best Washing Machine to Get Rid of all Stains

A washing machine helps you tackle laundry in a fraction of the time that it would take you to wash clothes by hand, in turn allowing you to cut down on the time it takes to complete household chores. In fact, with advancements in technology, you can wash and dry clothes without any manual intervention at all. However, if your current washing machine isn’t able to tackle deep-seated stains, consider upgrading your model. You can make this upgrade affordable by simply shopping from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. 

With the ability to convert your purchases into No Cost EMI spread over 3–24 months and a quick application procedure, the EMI Network allows you to shop for home appliances, personal gadgets, groceries, clothes, accessories and more in the blink of an eye. You also get the choice to make the purchase at a partner store or online. With a pre-approved loan of up to Rs. 4 lakh, you can get your hands on top-rated brands available in the market without any financial stress.

But before you start shopping, take a look at some of the best washing machines that you can upgrade to with easy financing from Bajaj Finserv.

Lloyd 8kg fully automatic top load washing machine (LWMT80TS)

With this Lloyd washing machine you do not have to worry about setting the wash time or judging the level of water required, as the machine comes with Fuzzy Logic. This automatically determines the wash duration and the water level according to the load in the washing machine. Further, the auto-imbalance correction feature prevents any disturbances caused due to uneven load in the tub by detecting the load weight and adjusting water intake accordingly. Additionally, maintaining the machine is equally easy as it comes with a Tub Clean feature that automatically cleans the interiors by removing any bacteria or residue. You can also recycle water for further washes with the water recycle feature when you opt for this Lloyd washing machine.

LG 21kg/12kg twin load washing machine (F0K4CHK2T2_F70E1UDNK1)

This LG washing machine strives to deliver powerful washing performance with less damage with its 6 Motion Direct Drive technology. With this technology, you can wash different fabric types without the fear of damaging your clothes. Moreover, the advanced LG washing machine provides twin load washing facility so that you can wash heavily soiled clothes in the main wash drum and delicate, lightly soiled clothes in the mini washtub and thereby run two cycles simultaneously. 

Moreover, its full touch control panel adds to the ease of use, while the True Steam feature generates ample steam to remove germs and smooth out wrinkles at the same time. The washing machine provides 2 options to dry clothes as well, eco dry and normal dry, both of which offer thorough drying without consuming too much water or electricity. What’s more, the Smart Diagnosis feature lets you diagnose up to 28 technical problems on your dryer with its innovate diagnosis system. 

Samsung 7.5kg top load, powerful filtration washing machine (WA75N4570FE)

With its many features, this machine serves as a one-stop solution for your laundry needs. It offers durability with a 12-year warranty on the motor, 3-year warranty on the complete machine and also uses up to 40% less energy. This Samsung model’s 6 blades work within the pulsator to provide thorough washing. Moreover, as they are scratch-resistant, you can eliminate the risk of bacterial growth within the tub. Also, a magic dispenser dissolves the detergent in no time and distributes it evenly before the washing cycle begins, to ensure that all clothes are cleaned thoroughly, without any soapy residue. Apart from this, you can maintain the washing machine with ease as it comes with a smart troubleshooting mechanism. The Smart Check technology automatically detects any technical issues within the machine and provides quick solutions.   

Bosch 9kg Series 8 front load washing machine (WAW28790IN)

This 9kg washing machine from Bosch is ideal for 3-4 people. What makes it especially useful if you have children or elderly family members is its ability to kill bacteria and germs up to 99.9% with every wash. Additionally, a smart sensor checks the degree of soiling in your clothes and accordingly prescribes an extra rinse. Even your delicate clothes can be cleaned thoroughly yet gently via the VarioDrum courtesy of its unique wave-droplet design. Moreover, to help you save energy and launder garments quickly, VarioPerfect programmes utilise minimal energy and reduce the washing time. You can complete laundry with 20% lesser energy, in 65% lesser time. 

Whirlpool 10.5kg Ace XL semi-automatic washing machine (ACE XL 10.5)

Whirlpool, with its Ace XL semi-automatic washing machine, promises to provide a superior wash with its 3D Scrub technology that rotates the scrub pads in an up-down motion to remove the deep-seated dirt with ease. The 3D lint filter with its triple filtration process makes the entire washing process even more efficient, as clothes come out looking neat and tidy, without any residue. 

Also, this Whirlpool model is especially useful if you live an area that receives hard water, as a special hard water wash ensures thorough cleaning despite this. Additionally, through a special stain removal programme, you can tackle 10 tough stains, including those arising due to coffee, hair oil, deodorant and the likes, effortlessly. Apart from this, a 1400RPM motor ensures that your clothes dry faster even when the drum is full of clothes, while the waterproof and shockproof control panel lets you control the washing machine without the fear of damaging it, or the risk of injuring yourself. 

Once you choose from these powerful models, shop for the washing machine of your choice from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network and enjoy great deals, cashback and discounts. To get financing instantly, be sure to check your pre-approved offer from Bajaj Finserv before you start shopping. It’s the simplest and quickest way to avail easy financing for your washing machine purchase.

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