How to Increase and Optimize RAM in Android Devices for their Best Performance

RAM – Random Access Memory allows running background applications as many as we want. It is required for multitasking. It also required for playing high graphics enabled games.

Today all most all the smartphones come with a minimum of 512 MB RAM to a maximum of 2 GB and recurring. But what for the devices with low RAM? Can’t they be optimized for their best performance?

The answer is Yes, we can optimize the RAM of those low memory devices by following simple tricks shown below.

In this tutorial, I had shown mainly two methods. The first is to optimize RAM and the second one is to Increase RAM. Please do remember that there is a difference between “Optimize” and “Increase” RAM. Here in this tutorial Optimize means Boosting the performance of low memory Android Devices using some good applications. And Increase means manually extending the RAM of those low memory devices with some extra cool tricks. So let’s start the tutorial.

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How to Optimize RAM in low memory Android Devices :

1. Uninstall the unwanted or unused applications. Don’t install too many Applications from unknown sources.

2. Download and install SMART RAM Booster from Google Play Store.

3. After installing SMART RAM Booster it places a widget above the notification bar, just click it anytime if you want to Release and Optimize RAM.

4. You can Also Download and install Greenify from Google Play Store.

 (Note: This app is only for Rooted Android Devices) .

Greenify is an awesome application that automatically Hibernates.

(closes apps when not in use and automatically Restart the app when we open it).

5. You need to set which applications should be Hibernated when not in use. After that Greenify closes all the apps that are in Hibernate list when you click the Hibernate button.

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How to Increase RAM in Android Devices :

In this Part, there are two methods on the basis of free and premium apps.

Method 1 : Increase the RAM of your Android Device (FREE) :


1. Windows PC

2.SD Card and SD Card Reader
3.Android Device (Rooted).
First of all, Check that your Android Device supports “SWAP” by installing an app named MemoryInfo & Swapfile Check from play store.
Partition your SD Card using Mini Partition Tool in Windows PC.
1.Download Mini Partition Tool from here.
2. Connect your SD Card to PC and format it using Mini Partition Tool.
3. Make a new partition on SD Card by right-clicking. Remember to set the partition as Primary and select FAT32 file system.
4. Leave some space for another partition and partition it by the same above method but use EXT2, EXT3 or EXT4 as the file system.
Apply the changes and it’s done.
Now link your SD card with your Rooted Android Device by using an application Link2SD.

(After installing the app,launch it and allow root privileges and select the “ext” partiton.)

Now, at last, we have to correlate our work by downloading an app named Swapper for Root.
After installing it, launch it and select the amount of RAM you want to increase. That’s it, it will create a swap file and uses it as your Android Device’s RAM.

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Method 2 : Increase the RAM of your Android Device (Premium)

In this method, we increase the RAM by installing ROEHSOFT RAM Expander from google play store which is a premium app and unlike the above method, it makes our work easy.

1. Before installing it, check that your Android Device supports “SWAP” by installing an app named MemoryInfo & Swapfile Check from google play store.

2. Buy and install ROEHSOFT RAM Expander from google play store.

3. Run it and choose your Language.

4. Allow root privileges to it.

Now you will see a new screen about your memory info.

5. Select Autorun from the top section and click “Swap Activ”.

That’s it. you had manually increased your Android device’s RAM. You can Increase your RAM up to 4GB.

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Final Verdict :

All the above mentioned methods to increase RAM of Android Smart Phones works finely.Use the Optimization method if your phone is not a rooted one.We have tested all methods personally.But we can not guarantee that it will work on your Android Device.As it depends on several factors.

Thanks for Reading this tutorial. Please share your feedback about it and comment down if you face any problem.I’m here to solve it.

  1. Abdul,
    I was not aware of smart ram booster. Thank you for sharing. I find that many times I download too many applications to my phone and it definitely slows it down. Your post reminds me I need to delete some of them 🙂 Thank you.

  2. Thank you for sharing this information with us, Abdul. You definitely know your stuff! You seem to be very knowledgeable about tech things. I admire that. Take care!

  3. hi Abdul Ghani plz tell me that from where i can check that is my celll ram is increased or not???i have completed all the steps mentioned in method 1. plz rply thanx

    • Hello Irfan,

      If the swapper app shows you “successfully done” then you can confirm that your phone’s ram is increased. Or you can also do another check by accessing the memory directly from file manager, see its size and the amount of space used.

      That’s it. Hope you understood it.

      Abdul Ghani.