FindItUp – Here’s How You Can Find Your Phone Even In Silent Mode Without using Internet

So you kept your device somewhere and probably forgot? And to add it up, your phone was kept in Silent Mode. How will you find it now? I know you will search your place and after some hours you’ll find it for sure. But in case you are in a hurry and want to find your phone which is kept in silent mode. Also, your mobile data or WiFi is not connected to it. It becomes a hectic task to find your mobile in this condition. Introducing FindItUp, a Unique solution for this problem.

FindItUp – Here’s How You Can Find Your Phone Even In Silent Mode Without using Internet

What’s FindItUp?

FindItUp helps in finding your phone which you’ve accidentally left somewhere around you in Silent Mode and you’ve forgotten where you’ve kept it. On Sending an SMS to your phone number, FindItUp will eventually remove your phone from the silent mode and keeps on playing an alarm like sound.

The Main Interesting Part of FindItUp is doesn’t require Mobile Data or the internet to be able to find your device. You just need another device which can be anything like a feature phone, smartphone, tablet, etc that can send an SMS to your phone number.

How to Find Phone Even When It Is In Silent Mode Without using Internet:

  • Download FindItUp from Play Store.
  • Now, Open the app and allow all the requested Permissions like SMS permissions, DND permissions, and the most important one Auto Start Permission.
  • Set your custom message. (By Default it is “findmyphone” but we recommend you to change it so that your friends don’t spam or annoy you :p )
  • Select the Alarm Sound.
  • Select the duration of time. (This is the duration of time for which the alarm sound will be played until you manually click on “Stop” button it will keep on Ringing)

FindItUp - Find My Phone on Silent

And Click on Save, That’s it.

Now it’s time to test it. Just take somebody’s phone and send an SMS with the custom message to your phone number(present in your phone which has this app installed and configured).

Example SMS: findmyphone To <your number>


So, That’s How You Can Find Your Phone Even In Silent Mode using FindItUp app.

Also, there’s a feature to get GPS Location via SMS. GPS feature requires internet and location. You just need to send an SMS with “getGPS” as a message to your phone number and it will send you the GPS coordinates in SMS.

FindItUp GPS Feature

Hope you’ve found it useful. Please let us know your views in the comments section.

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