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Lightweight Watermark Software 7.7 Review

A group of people view it’s good for them to see some beautiful or funny photos online and keep them to themselves, or even use them on their network. This is definite not right for their ignoring others’ creative works and copyright protection, which is illegal. To guarantee that you are not one of the victims, you need your photos watermarked. Today we’ll introduce Watermark Software for your use. It is a free but limited watermark creator, which enables you to apply visible or invisible watermark to photos fast and easily. Using this watermark creator, you can easily watermark a text signature or a image to your desired photos. For editing and effecting like rotating, adding frame, cropping and resizing images are all supported. Thanks to its batch watermarking and batch renaming features, the watermark tool is easy to use, especially for adding watermark to multiple photos at once.

Watermark Software a lightweight Windows platform tool. The installation is as easy as pie, its auto installation is fast and smooth. The interface is user-friendly, which makes it easy to hand on. After done, you will see it embeds three steps to finishing watermark: [Load Photos], [Add Watermark] and [Output].

Step One – [Load Photos]:

You can select from [Add Files] or [Add Folder]. [Add Files] is to add one photo or several photos. To make it fast to add photos, Watermark Software embeds [Add Folder] module to swift load all images from a folder.


Step Two – [Add Watermark]:

You can batch add text to photos, batch add image watermark to photos, batch rename photos for sure. It’s no difficult to explore other features on [Add Watermark] module yourself. Which needs to be emphasized is its rename function: “*” stands character remains the same, “#” means successive number. Test it yourself when renaming.


Step Three – [Output]:

You are allowed to change output photo formats and output directory. Once set, click [Run] button, then pictures with watermark will come out within seconds or minutes.

This watermark creator can process up to hundreds of image formats. For sure, it supports all of common used image formats, like JPG, PNG, BMP and many more. TIF, PCX, TGA, PSD and RAW are also supported.

You are allowed to use the EXIF function from the top, which is a popular feature for adding invisible signature to photos. Through this function, you can easily access to attach texts to images, acclaiming you are the owner in an invisible way.

Free Use License: [signinlocker]WS-WSWB-BB22E00781-007AFFB6AB-F69874D992[/signinlocker] (Valid before Aug 16th, better to register before Aug 16th)

In all, Watermark Software have all watermark functions. The batch watermark performance is exceptional. Its features are rich enough for a watermark tool. It’s fast, efficient and worth trying.


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