Things You Should Know About Galaxy S 6 Edge +

Samsung has done nothing with the new version of its phone. It simply took its Galaxy s 6 Edge and made it a little bigger and added an extra + in its name. Something that Apple has also done before with the iPhone 6.

It is still in question that who is going to get the bigger version of galaxy S6 Edge if it has nothing that’s more interesting. Let’s talk about some of the things you should know about the new Galaxy S6 Edge+

samsung edge 6 plus

  1. Design:

One thing that is only changed in the new S6 is its size only. Another change is in its RAM. The new Edge + has got a ram of 4GB which is going to boost its speed. The battery has also been made bigger and is now 3000mAh. Besides these, all of the things are similar in both the Edges.

The screen size is 5.7 inches and still contains a QHD pixel count. It fits perfectly in your hands and its metallic frame is much stiff and strong than its predecessor. This makes it light.

  1. Camera:

If you love camera feature in a phone and you would want an improved camera in the new S 6 Edge +, then you might be disappointed to hear that the camera used in the new Edge is the same as it is used on the old Edge. But the camera of S 6 edge is not bad as it has been on the list of top snappers of this year.

Double tapping home button to open a function has been made very fast and quality of picture is amazing too. Another feature added is the RAW support to help camera fanatics.

One thing that is also included in Samsung S6 Edge+ is the Samsung Pay. This means with a single upward swipe of a finger, you are able to pay using your debit and credit cards that are registered.

Samsung Pay is also included with the S6 Edge+, meaning with a swipe of the finger upwards you can pay using your pre-registered credit and debit cards.

These are some of the things you might wanted to know about the new Galaxy S6 Edge+. There is technology news available if you are interested.


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