How Can CMMS Save My Business Money?

So what kind of asset maintenance does your company have? This is the first question that you need to ask yourself. Are you still following the reactive mechanism where when a machine breaks down, you immediately contact your maintenance team? Well, then it’s time to switch over from reactive to preventive maintenance.

In every company the maintenance team is the busiest team and by the time they reach your site to address the issue, you have already lost a good number of working hours which is equivalent to X amount of productivity. Well, what if we say that CMMS can prevent these breakdowns. In a normal scenario where maintenance is only done when a request is raised, there the CMMS schedules periodic maintenance of all your assets, which not only prevents these crisis situations but also saves a lot of money, increases the efficiency of machines and most importantly reduces downtime.

How Can CMMS Save My Business Money

Further, the management can use these systems to prioritize jobs and take corrective actions to prevent future failures. So now let us see how an investment in CMMS can save your business a lot of money and bring you a plethora of other benefits.

Maximizes Labor and productivity

So if you are still using the age-old manual methods of tracking and scheduling maintenance, then there are high chances of frequent breakdowns and an overall increase in the cost of maintenance and the risk of downtime.


Let’s see how a CMMS can help increase productivity:

  • The CMMS can help you to maximize the human output through a more effective planning and scheduling of team operations. Scheduling the work as per its priority can help companies manage their assets efficiently.
  • By using the CMMS, you can save a lot of time that was spent on manual data entry and report generation.

Parts and Inventory Management

The primary reason for the delay in scheduled maintenance is due to non-availability of parts. A machine would constantly require its parts to be replaced after a certain period of time and when this activity gets delayed then it causes a breakdown. The good thing about CMMS is that it provides Inventory and Parts Management in their programs, which means it continually checks the stock of spare parts available in the company and intimates the procurement team about those parts that are depleting.

So let’s see how CMMS helps in Inventory and Parts Management:

Reduces Downtime and Equipment Cost

The biggest reason for downtime and breakdown is due to unmanaged or poorly managed equipment. These machines either work very slow or they go through frequent breakdowns. Also once these machines stop working then the cost of repair or replacement is very high. In both the scenarios there is a loss of productivity and an increase in equipment cost.

CMMS can help address these issues and manage the assets in an effective way. Let’s see how:

  • By scheduling periodic maintenance of assets, CMMS reduces the cost of lost production.
  • CMMS adapts the preventive measures, where the assets are regularly checked so as to reduce breakdown. Thus when the machines work, the production staff also works. In short, the CMMS helps in maximizing the production staff’s productivity.
  • Another very important role of the CMMS is that it extends the life cycle of assets by tracking and scheduling maintenance.


By now you must have understood that the benefits of CMMS go beyond money matters. CMMS can help you function better by properly managing and maintaining your assets. Undoubtedly, it is an effective business tool that any business, irrespective of its size, should have.

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