How to Set Up Login Approvals for Facebook (Two-Factor Authentication) in India

Hello friends, Today i’m going to share a  FACEBOOK TRICK which shows “How to Activate Login Approvals (2 step verification) for Facebook.”

What are Login Approvals for Facebook ?

Login Approvals is a security feature that requires two-factor authentication from the user before access is permitted. This is a type of security feature which requires two separate steps to identify a user.In short,the user has to type the security code sent to the registered mobile phone to Login.

This is good but, It is not launched in India.Don’t worry i will show you how to set up Login Approvals for Facebook in India.

How to Set up Login Approvals for Facebook in India ?

Firstly you need to change your proxy.

How to change proxy settings in Mozilla Firefox?

Go to : Tools > Options > Advanced > Network-> Settings.
Now, Select “Manual Proxy Configuration”
Enter the proxy of the contry of your choice.
For e.g : USA proxy :
Save the settings.

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How to change proxy settings in Google Chrome?

Go to : Settings >Show advanced settings >Network >change proxy settings >LAN settings
Under “Local Area Network (LAN) Settings” window click on the Proxy server for your LAN” and enter your proxy settings.
Click OK and Apply to save the settings.

You can also Download Hola extension from Google chrome Web store

Follow the simple steps to setup Facebook Login Approvals for your Facebook account in India :-

1.login to your facebook settings.

2.Go to “Account Settings”

3.Go to security settings tab.

4.Their you will find Login Approvals (if you had done the proxy settings correctly).

Here is a Screenshot for your Reference

4.Then a pop-up will open,simply click on the Next button.

5.Now, enter your mobile number and click on Continue.A verification code will be send to your mobile just enter it here.

Now, you have successfully activated “Login Approvals” for facebook in India.

When someone tries to log into your Facebook account from a new device, a code will be sent to your phone which you will have to enter before you are granted access to your Facebook Account.

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Unlike the Google, Facebook has no option to get back your Facebook account if you lose the access of your phone.On one hand this feature is useful to secure your account.On the other hand,if you looses your phone you can’t login to your facebook account from a new device.

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