How to Post Audio Comments and Voice Messages on Facebook using Google Chrome extension

Facebook is no doubt the largest social media network.Users interact with their friends by commenting,posting,poking,chatting,etc.while other social networks like WhatsApp and Wechat had integrated Audio chats but still Facebook is lagging behind.

You can use voice messages in facebook’s android and IOS app but not on web.So how to send voice messages,post audio cooments in facebook while using your computer?

Recently,a new chrome extension had been developed to overcome this issue.It can be used to post audio comments and send voice messages while using facebook’s web version.

Those who use Google Chrome browser can take advantage of it.Because its developed only for chrome.
The other user should also have this chrome extension to play your audio comment or voice message.

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Steps to use facebook audio commenting and voice messaging system :-

1.Download the Chrome Extension “Talk and Comment” from here and install it.

2.After installing Google Chrome will ask your permission for granting access to your micro phone.Just click “Allow” it.

3.Now that you had successfully installed Talk and comment extension, An audio mic icon will apear in your posts and chat.

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4.Click and hold the mic icon and speak into your microphone.After speaking just release the mic icon.An URL with your audio message will apear just click “Enter” and it will be automatically converted into a voice message.That’s it your audio message or comment will be posted.

5.The audio comment will appear as a playable link to the users if they are using Google chrome’s “Talk and comment” extension.Others with different browsers may get a link on clicking which will open a new tab with playable audio.
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You should tell your friends to install this chrome extension to enjoy audio chats with them easily.If you are not using audio comments and chats on facebook then you are missing a lot of fun.The old tradition of texts and smileys are gone be smart.This is a good extension to interact with your friends.