7 Reasons to Attend IBM Developer Day 2019

IBM Developer Day 2019 is not a normal tech event, it gathers all the developers with same thinking ideology and specialization under one roof. It is an event for developers and by developers. So, you gotta meet all those smart minds 😉 . You will get to know about the latest technologies being used in the industry. There will be great sessions like hands-on code labs where developers can learn from experts. All your complex tech queries will be answered by the experts.

IBM Developer Day is more a like a festival for developers and tech enthusiasts. It contains many hands-on code, workshops, Question & Answers sessions, keynotes, certifications and last but not least Networking. I believe Networking is the key for any developer to open up new opportunities.

The trending technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data and Analytics, Cloud, Block Chain, Quantum, etc will be primary area of focus in this event. As mentioned earlier you will have hands-on code workshops where you can learn and implement something very rapidly mentored by experts in the industry.

Here are 7 Reasons to Attend IBM Developer Day 2019

  • Hands-on coding: Code your own apps at over thirty 15-minute Code labs.
  • Certifications & Badges: Prove your worth by getting certified in IBM technologies
  • Keynotes and tech talks: Engage with and learn from industry leaders through 20+ sessions on topics including Open Source, Cloud, AI, Blockchain and more.
  • Networking: connect with other smart developers and open up new opportunities.
  • Deep dive hands on workshops: Dive into the latest open and IBM technologies led by top developers and industry experts.
  • Ask IBM Anything: Ask development leaders anything after their sessions.
  • Game night: Enjoy an evening of fun, food, and music at IBM Developer Day.

So, convince your boss or colleague to attend this awesome event for developers. This event will be on March 14th in Bangalore. For registrations, please visit the official website and grab the passes.

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