Recover Data from Your Damaged SD Card using Stellar Data Recovery Services

We all use an SD card in our phones as a method of expanding our storage. I know you are not an iPhone user or the user of any phone having no SD card support. If you were, this post wouldn’t have been read by you.

In my case, I am using an Android phone with 16 GB on-board storage. But after 2 months of usage, I felt the space was not sufficient. So I bought myself an external SD card to expand the storage and started saving more files in it.

Data Recovery Services

Then, what if I find my SD card as corrupted in a morning all of a sudden? If this happens to your phone, what will you do?

You don’t have to be in a state of dilemma anymore as I have found a very convenient solution for SD card recovery.

Stellar Formatted SD Card Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery is not a remote service that gives you false promises of burned/damaged SD card recovery. What they tell is true.

Before going deep into the details of Stellar Data Recovery, let me list out some reasons of SD card corruption.

#1. Accidental Formatting

The option format stands for deleting all the data in a disk or drive. And, this option is given on every single device. Most of the new gadget users choose this option without knowing anything about this.

So, always make sure not to select this option to protect your files being deleted.

#2. Scratches on SD Card

If you have a bad habit of removing and inserting the SD card from your device, it will have a lot of scratches. As we all know, that golden-like portion on the SD card holds all the data we feed into it. Even if you take it out so often, make sure that portion gets no scratches.

#3. Virus Attack

This issue is so common today. When your device or memory card gets affected by a malware, it can’t function properly until the malicious thing will be removed.

A typical antivirus utility may not catch the real threat that prevents your SD card to work well. That’s when you need another tool.

#4. Sudden Removal of SD Card without Unmounting it

Almost all the smartphones come with an SD card unmount option. If you are an Android user, you can see this setting by going to Settings>> Storage and you will see an unmount option there.

If your phone supports USB on-the-go (OTG), the same procedure can be done to unmount that as well.

#5. Natural Disasters

Even though this one is not common, natural disasters are one of the fatal reasons for losing data from your computer.

Natural disasters are of several types, as you know.

Apart from SD Card recovery service, they also provide recovery services like Hard Disk Data Recovery, Server/Database Recovery, iPhone, iPad, Email recovery, etc.

Features of Stellar Data Recovery

As I already suggested. Stellar Data Recovery is a service website that offers data recovery services. Their features are unlimited but here are some.

Step by Step process

Recovering formatted or deleted files isn’t an easy task. But Stellar Data Recovery makes it simpler with their six step process. It consists of 1. Media Device Pick Up 2. Media Device Analysis & Consultation 3. Data Recovery 4. Data Verification 5. Recovery Fee Payment 6. Media Device hand over.

Step by Step process

Step 1 – Media Device Doorstep Pick Up:-

Their staff will pick your data storage device up from your home.

Step 2 – Media Device Analysis and Consultation:-

The experts analyze your device to determine what kind of service it needs.

Step 3 – Data Recovery:-

This is core process in which your data will be recovered completely.

Step 4 – Data Verification:-

Verification is necessary to confirm that they recovered the right data that you want.

Step 5 – Recovery Fee Payment:-

According to the kind of service and amount of time spent on your device, you will be charged.

Step 6 – Media Device Handover:-

At last, you will get the device with recovered data in it at your doorstep.

Stellar sells its data recovery software in case you want to try and do data recovery by yourself. other alternative is, you can approach Stellar for their services. They provide personalized services for data recovery and have capability of recovering data from almost all kind of media devices, including, hard drive, pen drives, memory cards, mobile phones, tablets etc.

Stellar Data Recovery has got service centers in most of the places in India. So once you confirm your service request to them through their website (, they will arrange a pick up for your media device and will start analysis in their class 100 clean room. Class 100 clean room is a recommended environment for opening any hard drive. After completing their analysis, they will confirm you how much data they are able to recover from your device, and what will be the data recovery charges for it. Good thing is they work on No Recovery – No Charge policy, which means if they are not able to recover data for you, they won’t charge you.

Wrapping Up

I hope you have got something here to bag and run. You can use your new SD card without the fear of losing data. And, if you have an old and damaged SD card, you can use this service to recover images from them.

Prevention is better than cure, they say. But in Stellar Data Recovery’s case, both are equal. If you have any doubt, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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  1. I’d also recommend PhotoRec or Acethinker Disk Recovery – both are free, easy to use, and do a great job recovering photos (or any deleted file) from a memory card (or any kind of disk). Both have a portable version that can be carried around on a thumb drive for quick recovery at, say, an internet cafe or hotel courtesy computer. Acethinker is Windows-only; PhotoRec runs Windows, Mac, Linux and a few others.