Should I Be an IT Major? The Info You Need to Know to Decide

Choosing a major in college is a big step into the future and you might get conflicting advice on how to go about it. This is probably one of the independent decisions you will make that affects your academic and professional life. The secret is to allow them to advise you, but not decide for you. Choosing a major means you have career goals and priorities you are targeting. Different people will choose a major based on different facts such as they know they will always find a job throughout or they will be able to pursue intellectual interests. You can buy phd thesis or join dissertation experts where you can easily find information on the field of your choice. When choosing a major, consider your interests, your abilities, and future employability.

IT Major

IT has a wide career choice because the industry keeps on reinventing itself as it grows. IT can be defined as the use of computer systems to manage information using hardware as well as the software. Meaning, IT involves using computers; hardware such as printers and other add-ons and software such as finding appropriate applications to manage databases.

The Qualities you need

  1. You need to enjoy working with people and having people around you. IT is different from programming because it depends on constant human interactions throughout the day. The technicians are in touch with the people using the system every day checking whether it works well for them and if it is running smoothly.
  2. You need lots of patience and persistence when working. An IT specialist should be able to explain the complex technical concepts in simple terms for end users. You should really be good at listening and explaining without losing your cool because what seems easy to you is complicated for others.
  3. You should have a good understanding of the systems that you work with. If someone says they can’t access their files in your mind several scenarios should play in your mind as to why.
  4. You need to constantly keep on learning about new technologies. Although, you will not know everything you should be informed with most things in the field and know how they basically work.
  5. You need to be a fast learner in developing new efficient ways to manage databases within the system especially to keep the information confidential from attackers. Even hackers keep on changing their tactics every day so should you?
  6. You should understand working in a business environment which means most people still using windows 7 despite people moving on to windows 10, years ago.

A Variety of career choices to pick from

Help desk technician – Helps clients with all troubleshooting queries. This is not as technical as one might think because it involves picking of calls and emails and guiding clients through their challenges in the operation of computers. As an IT professional this is an entry-level position for most of the people.

System analyst – If you like going deeper complex things systems analyst is the job for you. This position is about planning and researching on how to maximize the efficiency of the computer systems. They survey what is causing pains and design new ways to overcome it. This means they write technical manuals for new software that they introduce into the system, monitor and manage the working of the new software and solve any issues arising from it. To be the greatest systems analysts always look out for new ways to improve types of equipments and processes for efficiency.

IT security – In the past, computers were used in businesses for convenience, but in today’s world computers are part of the business. This is why so many malicious people are always devising ways to always attack the company systems to steal confidential information. An IT security staff keeps the company information secure and constantly watching to prevent computer hackers from accessing the company computer system.

Network administrator – They literally know it all. They are responsible for setting up and running companies’ networks within new or existing companies. This involves setting VPN points and testing weak network points. The email systems need to be up and running always.

Database administrator – Is involved in maintaining the huge amounts of company data in place. The database admin manages all databases and ensures that they are up and running whenever needed and interconnected as needed. They also install or setup new database systems.

Other disciplines include IT consultant, project manager, quality assurance, cloud architect, machine learning and artificial intelligence

The employability rate is high because IT is always in demand. Technology is progressing, making information technology part of every career, company,, and business. The demand for the professionals is on the rise and the field commands higher salaries due to its nature. IT specialists need to constantly improve themselves to remain relevant in the field. Because the systems in place today will be phased out tomorrow by others that does not mean you remain jobless, you just need to upgrade your professionalism to overcome such hurdles.

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