Tips To Build Real Followers For A Business Instagram Account

The truth is that most businesses that have an Instagram account do not use it properly. There is a clear difference between using a personal account and a business account. Goals are different so the strategies that are used need to be different.

instagram followers

Instagram is nowadays a really strong tool to build an audience and a brand. It is also really good in a content marketing strategy since we talk about over 200 million monthly active users that share over 60 million images every single day.

Properly using Instagram for a business like Noll Law Offices is all about getting real followers. Many service providers just offer fake followers. This should never even be considered by a real business. If you want to build real followers on Instagram for a brand, you want to use legit strategies, like those highlighted below.

Use Hashtags To Tell Stories

The business name can definitely be used as a hashtag but you want to go way beyond that. It is really important to use the hashtags that your intended followers actually use and that you then tell a story with the shared image. Starting a conversation is recommended when promoting things like contests, events, product launches and brand promotions.

Research hashtags that are relevant and as engaging as possible. This allows the account to be discovered in searches and can bring in some really valuable real Instagram followers. Alternatively, you can approach a growth service that kicks ass for Instagram that helps in growing your Instagram reach and followers organically.

Don’t Forget About Creativity

Because Instagram revolves around photographs, many account users neglect the caption. You should never do this. Engagement can be drastically increased when you use it right and you can easily promote posts in an organic way by adding hashtags and a story.

In order to properly use image caption, here are some tips that will help you on Instagram:

  • Use questions – Start the post with the question so that viewers can actually see it. If the question is hidden by “See more”, it is not effective.
  • Ask for tags – You can actually ask people to tag those that might be interested in the subject that you talk about.
  • Get personal – Telling a brand story is actually a really great way to help you build real followers as people end up relating to what is being said.

Focus On The Local Market

Knowing neighbors is actually one of the best possible ways to build a strong, real followership on Instagram. You can create local Instagram ads or promote events in specific areas. This allows you to do so much more than what you initially think.

All you have to do is to type in the considered location. This allows you to see all geotagged posts. Visit those that are relevant and recent so you can leave comments. Do not forget about emojis since most people love them. This approach can actually start a strong organic interaction.

Many Instagram business accounts completely ignore or do not know about local interaction possibilities. Make sure you do not make this mistake and you will end up with relevant, local, real followers.

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