Top Five Weird Mobile Games Worth Checking Out

The mobile market for games can at times be hit and miss. For every Flappy Bird or Candy Crush, there are at least a billion bootlegs of popular franchises or games that are just filled to the brim with microtransactions that just want to suck the cash out of your pockets. You can find a range of different online games here all to be played on your mobile. That’s why we’ve scoured the app stores of both iOS and Android to come up with some weird but fun games we recommend.

Top Five Weird Mobile Games Worth Checking Out

Battle Cats

First up we have something that’s pretty abstract. Taking the internets love of kitties and cranking it up to 11, this game is a simple yet fun tower defense title that has you defending your base from dogs with a range of colorful cats. With a character cast filled with things like War of the Worlds-esque stilt-alien cats, sumo wrestler moggies, and even zombie kittens, this is one weird game that’s hard to put down.

Dream Quest

Since Dungeons and Dragons seem to be part of pop-culture now this development team decided to jump on the bandwagon with their own spin on the classic board game. Made with a surprisingly minuscule budget, Dream Quest has all the style and nostalgia of an early 90’s era video game. But despite its rough edges, this game is quite charming once you get into it. 


The epitome of Indie, this mobile game is set against the idyllic scene of a mountain that reaches high into the sky. What you’re supposed to do exactly is a little obtuse as the game has no instructions and other than being able to move the camera or make random chime noises there’s no real control either.

But where it gets weird is if you wait long enough things like grim reapers, boulders, meteors, fire engines and fish start spewing from the mountain.

As we said, it’s pretty weird.

Smarter Than You

If you want something a bit more grounded then we recommend checking out either a couple of sensible casino games on mobile-friendly sites like Easy Slots or by downloading this free duel game.

This unique mobile multiplayer game pits you against other players around the world. The aim of the game, defeat your opponents by either attacking, countering or healing your character. This sounds simple, but it requires a lot of tactical thinking as you need to bluff what your next move will be, so the other player makes a mistake.


From the Cookie Clicker school of simplicity, this fun pixel art style game pits you as Sid the leader of an apocalyptic cult. Your task, build a gigantic tower, collect resources and unleash powerful idols upon the world. Great for short bursts, this resource-intensive game is great for a few minutes of idle play when you’re free or just waiting around.

The Verdict

So, if you’re looking to fill up your smartphone with something fun, then why not pick up one of these top titles that we listed above!

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