Staying on the Cutting Edge: These are the 7 Social Media Platforms Your Company Should Be Using for Promotion

As we head into 2019, every company needs to make sure they are on top of their marketing game which means that you need to make sure you have a strong presence on social media. If you are in the business of marketing, or if you are looking to keep your business ahead of the pack, understanding which platforms to use to keep you connected with tech-savvy consumers will help keep your business in line with market trends for the rest of the year.

7 Social Media Platforms Your Company Should Be Using for Promotion

Many companies make the mistake of targeting the wrong platforms, you have to remember that social media is always changing and your business needs to change with it in order to stay relevant. There are many platforms out there such as big names like Facebook and LinkedIn as well as many niche platforms like Meet Up and Nextdoor. Your target audience will determine which platforms are best for your business, but we have a list of the top 7 to get you started.


Facebook was really a game changer in terms of connecting people to each other, and then connecting companies and brands to businesses. Though there have been a mass amount of changes to the platform, Facebook still reaches a worldwide pool of users that can really make a difference to your brand promoting efforts. There are many small businesses that operate solely on the FB platform instead of hosting an independent site for goods and services. It can be hard to navigate all of the in’s and outs of promoting your brand on the platform, but there are many places that offer comprehensive guides and tips like this helpful blog to keep you ahead of the curve. You can target the baby boomer generation, worldwide markets, and even niche groups to make your services viral in just a few clicks.


Like YouTube, Google+ is owned and run by the search engine giant Google. The platform is similar to many other social media platforms, even though it is less often used by the younger crowd. The benefit of adding Google+ to your marketing plans is due largely by how it will naturally boost your organic SEO rankings on Google itself.  Regular post to the platform will allow you to reach an upwards of 400 million dynamic consumers and help Google learn more about your product and website. This will allow your site and products to be promoted in more effectively to reach the right audience that will increase your chances of onsite sales conversions.


As a social media outlet, Twitter is a great place to spread a short burst of information on the fly between friends, family, communities, and costumes. There is an average of 500 million tweets sent daily, worldwide, which means you can get your company out there in just a few clicks. It allows you to reach a broader audience of all ages while also allowing for organic growth with little cost. Since you only have a few words per tweet, it’s important to make your message count.


If you are looking to visually market your products to consumers, especially if your target audience is women and young adults, then Instagram is the perfect place to reach the worldwide market. Regardless of the size of your business, you can spread your images and videos across the web with very little effort. Instagram also offers dedicated accounts for business so you can sell your products, link your site, and give other valuable information to customers right on your home profile. For an added boost, you can also sign up for Instagram paid advertising program to reach an even larger audience. In addition, it is easy and inexpensive to buy IG likes to boost business accounts.


Everyone knows the power of YouTube, it went from being a place where people chat about their interest and make small how-to videos into one of the most visited websites of this age. A sound marketing strategy should include YouTube advertisements in the form of Influencer branding, sideline ads and on-screen promotions to push your products to the masses.


Snapchat has not been around as long as some of the more well-known platforms, but that doesn’t make it any less valuable as a marketing tool. Snapchat is the preferred social media platform for millions of young adults who love to keep up with current trends. Snapchat requires you to be active frequently in order to maintain your streams, so if you have a mass amount of content or products to showcase, this is a great way to do it.

Tik Tok

As tech-savvy consumers are spending less time on written content and more time viewing videos and images, Tik Tok is quickly becoming one of the world’s most downloaded applications, even ahead of more popular sites like FB and Instagram. Tik Tok, which was previously known as, allows you to share short videos that are edited to make innovative creations. This is a great way for artists, labels, and even brands to promote themselves and create campaigns focused on brand awareness. In addition, sites like TokMatik now offer a selection of packages that helps users to grow account engagement.

In Conclusion

These are 7 of the top social media platforms that you should employ in any of your marketing efforts. They are all user-friendly and easy to navigate, so creating a compelling brand presence takes no more effort than the time you are willing to invest for your business. Every business is different, and each company has their own target market. As a result, you should choose the best platforms that reach the customers in your target market and focus on campaigns on those platforms first, and then initiate campaigns on the remaining platforms on a smaller scale as your time allows. The platforms you choose not only represents what your company means to you, but it also helps shapes the direction in which you want your brand to grow based on your targeted clientele. We hope our list has given you insight on the tools you should add to your marketing arsenal to help your company stay ahead of the pack.

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