How to Make Any Android Device Work Like Samsung Galaxy S5

Hello friends , After a long time I’m back with one more cool trick.

Do you love the brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 ,Are you amazed and getting addicted to its cool and awesome features.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a 5.1 inches screen with a 1920 x 1080 pixel display powered by 1.9 GHz processor.It has a 16 MP Rear Camera and 2 GB RAM.

Also Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with pretty useful sensors which helps the Health apps.The Samsung Galaxy S5 is having lots of exclusive and Amazing features which will make anyone to love it.

Besides having many key specifications and new useful features its price is INR 50,000 that could discourage a person with low budget.

But don’t worry this post is for those people who want to buy this Samsung Galaxy S5 but on low budget.So I’m going to share a cool trick that would make any android mobile to be working like Samsung Galaxy S5.

Confused ?? Don’t get confused.Yes it’s right you can make any Android Mobile working like the Samsung Galaxy S5.We can do that by simply Dowloading below mentioned apps from Google Play Store.This converts any normal Smart Phone into Samsung Galaxy S5.

Change/Make/Convert any Android Mobile into Samsung Galaxy S5 without upgrading Mobile’s Hardware :-

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1.Heart Rate Sensor :-

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has this awesome feature that checks our Heart Rate by a built in sensor in it.To check the Heart Rate in your Samsung Galaxy S5 open S Health App and check your heart rate result.

But if you want to use this feature on any other Android Mobile then use an App named ‘Runtastic Heart Rate”.
Download from here.

How to use Heart rate Sensor app in any android device ?

1.Download and install Runtastic Heart rate from Play store.

2.Place your Index finger on the Lens of the Camera while covering the flash too.

3.Click on start and hold your finger on the camera lens and flash untill the measurement completes.

After measurement it will automatically display your heart rate.It will also record your measurements and makes a fine statistics.If your doesn’t have a flash you can use it in lightfull area.

That’s it it works on most of the android devices.So you managed to run an App that only works with the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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2.Kids Mode :-

This is also a unique app that works only in Samsung galaxy S5 but you can also run it in your Android Mobile.Kids mode enable a new account for your kids to use like an user account in windows.when you enable it ,it restricts your kids to access apps and your media content by creating a child friendly interface.
You can also use it in your Android Device by downloading from an app named “Kid Mode: Free Games + Lock“Google Play Store.

3.Private Mode :-

The Private Mode is also an official feature in Samsung Galaxy S5.It is used to lock apps and hide media contents.It can also be used to lock Factory preinstalled Apps like call,sms,camera,etc.
So guys no worry ,because you can also use this features in your Android Device by Downlaoding an app named “AppLock” from Google Play Store.

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Personalization :-

Amazed with the wallpapers ,layouts and interface of the samsung Galaxy S5??Then download this app named “S5 theme” and install to give your android device a brand new look like the Samsung Galaxy S5

You can also download the Samsung Galaxy S5 ringtones from here .

So guys now you have a oridinary Android Device working like a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 with all the major apps and also the interface.Enjoy it…

Have any doubts?Facing any problems?Confused?…. Don’t worry just comment below with your problem or suggestion ,we are here to solve it..