Armed Forces Medical College Review

The armed forces Medical college (AFMC) may be a premier medical faculty in Pune, India within the state of Maharashtra. the faculty is managed by the Indian armed forces.


Established in  1948 once after world war II on the advice of the before Christ Roy Committee, remnants of varied Indian Army Medical Corps units were combined to form the armed forces Medical faculty. Its undergraduate wing was established on four August 1962, that is widely known annually as Armed Forces Medical College Day by its alumni across the world.

Armed Forces Medical College has been graded systematically among the highest medical schools of India, with the Outlook 2012 survey ranking it second amongst all the undergraduate medical establishments of the country.

The establishment has strengthened all the 3 services of the Indian armed forces by providing a pool of doctors and brave soldiers. It primarily gives coaching to medical undergraduates and postgraduates, dental postgraduates and paramedical workers. Extensive care forms an integral a part of its coaching program and therefore the hooked up hospitals advantages from the experience out there at Armed Forces Medical College. The establishment is liable for providing the whole pool of specialists and super specialists to the soldiers. the faculty is additionally concerned in conducting analysis in varied medical subjects still as those aspects which might have an effect on the morale and performance of the soldiers each in war and peace.

The field is filled with gardens, trees and flowers that are maintained by the defense personnel. There are facilities for sports, as well as court game, squash, basketball, and a pool. Canteen facilities for defence personnel also are extended to the Medical Cadets. it has 2 auditoria named Dhanvantri and Bharadwaj where high profile medical conferences are control. Dhanvantri conjointly screens 2 films a month for cadets, officers, different ranks and their families at intervals the faculty field. an added department of medication has been established on field to enhance its school. Armed Forces Medical College conjointly works as a hospital for civilians and is collaborated with command hospital. In 2013 India these days Rankings, it absolutely was graded #3 among medical schools in India.

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