Top 10 Android Apps You Must Install If You Are A Blogger

There are a plethora of android apps out there but only a few that have stood out. They have made their place in the phones of millions and are only earning more places for themselves. With the below android apps, you can indulge in blogging on the go with your readers. Additionally, it’s time saving. Here’s a compilation of the top android apps which every Blogger must have :

Top 10 Android Apps You Must Install If You Are A Blogger

Top 10 Android Apps You Must Install If You Are A Blogger

This is the official blogger app. It lets you write and publish new posts, edit and update them. You can capture images and directly integrate them in your post. Adding labels and location is it’s another feature. However there are many restrictions in it like you can’t reply to comments and check your Blog’s performance.


It’s the official app from WordPress. Users can Write, Edit and publish posts. It’s also useful in checking comments and moderating them. Main thing I use often is the stats. They are just awesome. It also gives the feature to upload our media files and embed them in our posts. It’s much better than the blogger app listed above.


It presents the latest articles from top blogs and sites. It also gives us the option to choose the categories in which we are interested. Also its User Interface is just awesome, you can scroll over to turn pages and see more articles. It lets you stay connected with latest things happening around the world. I prefer technology and business categories in it.

Google Analytics

It’s the official app from google to check our google analytics stats. Its very user friendly and allows us see our site/blog’s stats in real time too. Audience overview, Real time stats, Demographics, traffic reports, etc are some of its features. There are many things in this app using which we can manage our site stats accurately.

AVG Antivirus

Being a blogger, you are always checking your phone to get the latest updates, reading your mails, replying to readers’ queries, surfing other blogs and much more. Your phone would also have some important files, the loss of which can affect your work badly. AVG antivirus is an absolutely free android app that takes care of any viruses and threats. You can also run scheduled scans with it.


Your Facebook blog page is quite active, with a lot of reader engagement. With this official Facebook android app, you can update your status/photos frequently and also reply to the comments received by your readers swiftly. Quick response will help lay a good impression on your readers. If you are a fashion blogger, you can hurriedly shop from the sellers on Facebook. If you do, don’t forget to use these amazing paytm offers!


The mind of a blogger is full of creative ideas. It’s this very creativity which is responsible for the generation of various ideas suddenly in the mind of a blogger. You might just be travelling when an idea strikes you and you decide to frame a rough outline for it in your online notepad but are unable to do so because of the disturbing notification popping up on your phone every now and then. Writer is an online word processor wherein you can pen down your thoughts without any external disturbances.

Photo Editor

Has your review been long pending because you can’t spare time to edit your photographs on your laptop? Worry not because now you can edit your pictures and make them prettier with the help of this photo editor while travelling. You can crop, re-size, add effects, add brightness, write texts, etc. with it. There’s no more excuse now to keep your draft in a pending stage and making your readers wait.


As a blogger, you read, read and read! And, you still can’t get enough! Many-a-times, you might have to abandon reading just because you were getting late for going somewhere or because of any other important task. It’s in scenarios like these, Pocket app comes very handy! It lets you save your favourite links so that you can read them later when you have time. Example: You might be thinking of holding a giveaway as a special thanks to your lovely readers and searching on net for ideas. You can store those links in this app, so that you can go through them one by one and decide on the best one. Did you know amazon gift card coupons make an excellent giveaway choice? Think about it!

The last thing you want to see in your written posts is oodles of spelling mistakes, thereby confusing your readers and in some cases, giving an altogether different meaning to your sentences. To save yourself from such embarrassing situations, install this useful app in your phone and edit your posts on the go. Plus, if you are unsure of using a new word in your post since you don’t know its spelling exactly, this app again scores!

Install these top 10 android apps today to become a better blogger!

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